At Marvel: 1963, we accept Marvel characters as well as original concepts and characters from other comic properties as long a they're adapted to the Marvel universe. The game is set in New York City in the 1960s. LBJ is the president of the United States. Conflict engulfs North Vietnam and the U.S. slides into all-out war. Tensions run high with the USSR. Doom rules in Latveria, and in New York, chaos and villainy are barely held back by the brave few who have decided to stand up against the darkness.

Late in 1964, humanity discovered irrefutable proof of two spacefaring races; the Kree exposed the Skrull's efforts to entangle mankind in a war with the Kree Empire. Ancient alien technology discovered on the floor of the South China Sea far surpasses anything available. Mutant rights have become a rallying cry in an uneasy populace. Gang activity in Hell's Kitchen has rendered its citizens prisoners of well-placed fear. Meanwhile, mutants make a place for themselves in Mutant Town, but is it a haven or a ghetto?

Groups like the Avengers, SHIELD, and the X-Men (+factions) fight the good fight against the big threats, while individuals who have decided to stand up against villains and thugs protect the little guy on the street.

Address: marvel-1963.com port 1963

When you log into the game, please be sure to read +news. There you'll find our policies and details on what we're looking for in a character concept. Feel free to page one of our on duty staff members (type +staff to see them) if you have any questions. Welcome to Marvel: 1963!

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