The Monster
{$actor} as Frankenstein's Monster, Adam
Name: Frankenstein's Monster, Adam
Birthdate: 01/01/1818
Faction: League of Monsters
Codename: The Monster
Position: Position/Job Title/Rank
Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland
Partner(s): NA Height: 9'3"
Father: None Weight: 500lbs
Mother: Victor Frankenstein Hair Color: Black
Siblings: {$siblings} Eye Color: White
Children: {$children}


IC Events


  • Superhuman: Adam is immensely strong and fast. Maybe he couldn't bench a fully-loaded 18 wheeler, but he could swing it around. He has high reflexes and dexterity. He can travel on foot as fast as a horse can gallop, about 25 mph.
  • Resilient: The weather has close to zero effect on Adam. He can tolerate temperatures and conditions that would be extremely dangerous to humans. He doesn't need to eat much and he can go without air for up to an hour. For that time, he can survive environments such as space or underwater.
  • Ageless: His created body doesn't age naturally.
  • Tank: He can sustain terrific damage. Adam has to be eviscerated, dismembered, incinerated, or suffer similar catastrophic bodily failure before he stops. However, note he isn't immune to bullets, fire, knives, or anything that can hurt him. He can just take a lot of them. In order to heal from damage without intervention from some kind of healing power, he needs to be put back together again and any destroyed organs replaced with fresh ones.



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