Adrien Brody
Adrien Brody as Akiva Ben Avraham
Name: Akiva Ben Avraham
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: SHIELD
Codename: Surgeon
Position: Nazi Hunter
Hometown: Jerusalem, Israel
Partner(s): Single Height: 6'4"
Father: Avraham (deceased) Weight: 180 lbs
Mother: Esther Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Muriel (deceased), Sarah (deceased), Ruth (deceased), Saul (deceased), Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


Akiva was born the son of a chemist and a clockmaker, immigrants both who settled into university at Geneva to raise a family. When the Nazi regime rose and annexed Austria, they were trapped, Jews confined to the ghetto. Their neighbors began to vanish one by one. While his mother and youngest sister were smuggled out thanks to his father's academic friends, Akiva, his father Avraham and three other siblings were all sent to the camps - separately.

Akiva's brightness and aptitude in school didn't matter much at first. He huddled among strangers, worked to near starvation. But one German officer with ties to Hydra noticed him and he was eventually shipped to a specialized lab for experimentation purposes. The medical experiments lasted for years, including mental conditioning, surgeries, drugs and, of course, tortures. By the time he was rescued, he was no longer a normal human. Luckily, his mother, now a commando with the French resistance, had been part of the team that liberated him. Using the notes of his tormentors, she devised a means to stabilize his condition and abilities. Of his other siblings, no trace was ever found. His father died a year before the end of the war, worked to death in a Nazi factory. All Akiva had of him was the golden pocketwatch Avraham had sent away with his mother, a watch he still carries.

Akiva was twelve years old.

Akiva's mother had joined with the Zionist movement and so, after a few years in England, they moved to the nascent nation. Teenager or not, he quickly found himself part of the army, finding to liberate their new land and establish a safe haven. More brutality, more danger. His abilities also made him extraordinarily deadly despite his youth, quickly moving up the ranks and becoming a key intelligence agent. When the war ended, he went back to England, to study at Oxford. Despite his lost years with no education, his superhuman intellect made him a top student, eventually acquiring a medical degree along with Ph.D.s in psychology and philosophy. But conflict called him home again and, while working for Israeli intelligence, he realized that this was his true calling. He loved medicine and his graduate studies, but he could not forget. Ever. Every night, he'd remember them, the ones who victimized him, the ones who tortured others. He could remember all their faces, better than anyone ever could. He would have to be the one to find him.

And so he became a Nazi hunter, travelling the world in covert on behalf of the Israelis. He mastered the art of assassination, especially of slitting throats. His precision and love for blades earned him a nickname: The Surgeon. With the rise of Hydra activity in the New World, Akiva has recently been placed on loan to the agency known as SHIELD. He is still getting to know his new colleagues. But he is used to being a stranger in a strange land - he'll make do.

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  • Precision: As a result of Hydra experiments performed on him in the camps, Akiva has a variety of disparate but effective abilities. The most prominent lies simply in his precision. He possesses unerring, steadfast physical and mental control of his faculties. He can throw or shoot with terrifying accuracy. He can measure distance within less than a millimeter by sight alone. He possesses an eidetic memory, laboriously organized and catalogued as well as any library. He moves exactly how he wants to move, always, no further and no less. He can draw effortlessly whatever he imagines in his mind, wielding a pencil or a brush as well as he wields a scalpel or a dagger. He's totally aware of his personal space, his movements, his reflexes and is generally extraordinarily difficult to hit himself or to make miss. Skills based in physical dexterity and control come to him as easily as water going downhill on a steep slope, often through simple observation. When combined with his martial training, he's a rather formidable combatant indeed.
  • Reflexes & Speed: Akiva's physical reflexes and speed are around ten times that of an ordinary human. His rapid-fire reflexes, combined with his precision, enable him to become a whirling dervish in combat situations and capable of engaging multiple opponents simultaneously. His top running speed is around sixty miles per hour, although he does not possess superhuman stamina and will tire rapidly after less than a minute of full speed running or exertion at maximum speed.


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