Unknown Actress
Unknown Actress as Aolani Elizabeth Kensington
Name: Aolani Elizabeth Kensington
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: None
Codename: Frostfire
Position: Assistant Researcher
Hometown: North Devonshire, England
Partner(s): None Height: 5'5"
Father: Captain Victor Albert Kensington Weight: 112 lbs.
Mother: Lady Alexis Jane Kensington Hair Color: White
Siblings: Erik August Kensington, Caroline Margaret Kensington, Jonathan Robert Kensington Eye Color: Ice Blue
Children: None


Born in 1940 to Captain Victor and Alexis Kensington, Aolani Elizabeth Kensington's birth was definitely a surprise - but not an unexpected one. Stark white from head to toe, possessing a barbed tail and slitted blue eyes, baby was otherwise healthy and robust. Victor and Alexis conspired to keep Aolani away from registries and in official documents, used the newborn of a family servant instead. The child was most definitely wanted despite her unusual appearance, and her parents - both scientists - could not have been more pleased.

During the beginnings of the war, Victor (a member of the Royal Society of London) and Alexis (equally if not more gifted than her husband) had begun research on a formula to induce human evolution, inspired by the writings of a former Society member; it had been their hope to increase the strength of Allied forces through their formula (and unaware of the experimentation taking place involving the super soldier serum). With frequent bombings to major British cities and limited resources, Victor and Alexis took to experimenting on themselves, with no apparent effect. It would not be until Aolani's birth nine months later that they would see any results from their labors.

Soon Victor was called away to war, and Alexis was left to continue their work, manage the family lands, and tend to their new baby daughter. Alexis determined to forge Aolani into the soldier and defender that neither of her parents had become.

Aolani's childhood wasn't so much a childhood as it was a twenty year hybrid of boot camp and boarding school. Her father, home from world war 2, took over the military aspects of her training, while her mother honed her educational and intellectual pursuits. Highly intelligent, she learned quickly, loving reading and developing an insatiable thirst for knowledge and information, but her combat training faltered; she had no desire to harm and could not be disabused of the notion of non-lethal solutions to dangerous situations. Her parents decided not to push the matter any further and waste time, and instead turned to their other children to take up the military mantle, especially Aolani's younger brothers, who took to combat training with aplomb.

It wasn't long before Aolani was the forgotten child of the family, comparatively speaking. Alexis refocused Aolani's upbringing with a focus on putting her powers to use in more conventional and civic matters, and nurturing her daughter's love of learning and diplomatic bent. With her family and siblings travelling abroad to hone their skills towards military applications, Aolani was increasingly left to her own devices. As she grew older and finished her studies, she decided to make good use of frequent periods of abandonment, and set out to see the world she'd only known through books and television … for good or ill.

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  • THERMOKINESIS: Aolani can freely manipulate heat energy within a line-of-sight radius, concentrating it into bursts of heat, fire or even plasma. The side effect of this ability is the creation of pockets of cold from the absence of heat, which can rapidly chill or even flash freeze an area or object. Without concentration and control, heat is drawn out of her immediate physical area and anything she is in contact with. Directing and concentrating extremes of heat and cold requires intense concentration and mental effort, and can result in loss of consciousness. Her ability is limited by the amount of heat energy in her immediate environment, with colder climates requiring more effort to gather and focus the little heat available.
  • THERMOSTASIS: In tandem with her thermokinesis, Aolani is invulnerable to extremes of temperature in either heat or cold; her cells automatically sustain optimal temperature no matter her environment.
  • TAIL: Nearly as long as she is tall, Aolani's tail is prehensile and capable of supporting her weight. It can strike with the same amount of force as her other limbs.
  • ENHANCED PHYSIOLOGY: Aolani's strength, endurance and agility are on par with an Olympic-class gymnast, though her leg strength and leaping ability go beyond human normal. She is capable of leaping up to twenty feet in any direction.
  • ENHANCED VISION: Aolani's vision is keyed to her thermokinesis; she can see heat energy as well as the visible spectrum. In complete darkness, she can see by heat energy alone.


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