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Name: Barbara Gordon
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Codename: Batgirl
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Barbara Gordon was raised from an early age to carry a strong sense of right and wrong. To the young girl, her father being a police officer made him a superhero in her eyes. Righting wrongs and dealing with the evils of the world head on. Even as her parents marrige fell apart she still carried that same innate admiration that would lead her to pursue studies in Law and criminology. Even from the early days Barbara, or 'Babs' as her friends would call her, was exceptionally intelligent. She excelled in every field she put her mind to and even flourished in physical pursuits, finding a hobby in gymnastics that earned her plenty of prizes and could indeed have carried her as far as the olympics if her ambitions had lead such a course.

Having completed highschool, she moved to be closer to the father she hadn't always been able to remain close to between the parental 'bad blood' and the strains of his own job and threw herself into her new career aspirations. Even with all her success, intelligence and loving family, there was something missing even Barbara wasn't truely aware of until a fateful encounter.

The Batman had not be operating in the open before their encounter, barely more than an urban legend that few believed and yet to be named. When the muggers had ambushed her on the way back to her apartment, she'd put up a fight and given them a struggle, but the intervention of the Dark Knight had been like a force of nature cutting in. Enraptured by the rescue, Barbara found herself tracking the path of her rescuer and begining to notice the subtle pattern of connection being woven. Whomever had saved her was more than a moral thug who'd been in the right place at the right time. The very concept itself left her wondering if she too could do more to bring Justice to those the law had failed. Focusing on reinforcing what skills she had, the young woman set out to try and live up to the example of her one-time rescuer, intending on patrolling and thwarting criminals where she could. After nearly getting herself killed in one such attempt, her rescuer confronted her, insisting she give up her pursuit to live a normal life. Barbara refused, but more than that she had began to piece together fragments of a puzzle none so far had solved as subtle clues and unnoticed networks reconciled.

Nights later, she turned up on the doorstep of Bruce Wayne, having worked out the truth, and convinced her reluctant mentor to train her and help her be better at her own quest she had no intention of giving up. From that day on, she would get what she asked for in the relentless training and brutal conditioning to make her better in every way she could be under the wing of the newly revealed Batman until she was ready. Barbara Gordon couldn't fight criminals as a vigilante, but Batgirl was another story.

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  • NONE: Barbara, in herself has no powers. Like her mentor she can occasionally have her enemies believing otherwise.


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