{$actor} as Beatrice Garretson
Name: Beatrice Garretson
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Brotherhood of Mutants
Codename: Queen Bea
Position: Tactician
Hometown: Grover's Mill (RIP)
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'4"
Father: NA Weight: 160
Mother: NA Hair Color: Black
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Black, ommatidian
Children: NA


Beatrice /could/ have grown up to be a really sweet person. It's actually still at the core of her, but the amount of emotional and psychological damage she experienced from her early-onset mutations has left her broken. She is constantly doing the wrong thing, but for the right reasons. She's also not above a bit of revenge, and she holds grudges like nobody's business. This is probably best exhibited by her sinking of Grover's Mill. She sunk a /town/ because of how they treated her.

Bea grew up being taunted mercilessly by the other children (and some adults) in Grover's Mill. She was an early bloomer, and started out with really bad skin, red and flaky for almost a year before much of it sloughed away to reveal the chitin growing underneath. That was enough for her parents to homeschool her, but then came the antennae, and the eyes, her long fingers, and eventually her wings as well, and she hardly ever went out. Their house was regularly egged and TP'd. There was an instance of profane spray painting as well, which the local sheriff essentially just shrugged at. 'What can ya do?'

Bea quickly retreated to almost never leaving the house, and spending a great deal of time out in their high-fenced backyard. It wasn't long before she started experimenting with the bugs out there, and pretty soon had cat-sized pill bugs for pets. Her first efforts at organized tunneling were sloppy, and her parents put a stop to it, so she learned to hide it better. She hung a poster in their basement, and dug a hole through the wall behind it to get started. Within a year, she had tunnels big enough to walk in, through most of her neighborhood, and she started going out at night.

At first, the tunneling was her way of getting around at night, and visiting the sleepy town while everyone else was in their beds, but that sentiment turned sour by the time she became an adult. She resented having to live underground, even if it was partially self-imposed, and eventually her resentment turned to plans for revenge. She spent years muttering and directing her insects which only possessed animal intelligence, until finally, later in life, she learned how to imbue them with a measure of true intelligence as well as their great size. This is when her sinkhole project really accelerated. She could give certain 'lieutenants' instructions, and leave them to organize a large group of dumber work bugs. She could delegate.

When she was 30 she pulled the trigger and sunk Grover's Mill.

Since then, she's been a terror around New York, working to build an empire, like any good insect queen. She now believes humans and mutants cannot live side-by-side, not yet at least, and is hellbent on doing whatever it takes to get enough resources to make a place for mutant-kind to settle. Buy an island - or possibly invade one - and set up their society, to show the world mutants can live in peace. That's her long term plan. No one said her logic isn't warped.

IC Events

October-Novemeber 1963 - Rampaged around Manhattan, loosing giant bugs for mayhem and profit.


  • Ommatidian Eyes: Bea's eyes are still like human eyeballs, but the surface has become like an insect's: compound, multi-faceted. This allows for polarization of light for extra clear perception, as well as being able to see into the ultraviolet end of the spectrum. She can't see any farther than most normal people, but she can focus down like a microscope to scrutinize details. Her perception is wide, and sped up. She has a reaction time roughly five times a normal human.
  • Antennae: These allow Bea a limited kind of radar sense, detecting motion and bodies even through dirt or concrete walls. Their primary purpose however is to assist in planning and shaping tunnels. This ability does not work through metal walls, or even walls with a great deal of electrical wiring in them.
  • Chitinous Carapace: Bea's back and scalp are covered in a stiff exoskeletal structure which is remarkably sturdy, and is articulated like a pill bug's shell. Hair is still able to grow through her scalp, which is somewhat less sturdy than the material on her back. The rest of her body is covered in mottled sections of chitin as well: the long portions of her arms and legs, and portions of her abdomen, but not her elbows, hands, knees or feet. Covered portions are bulletproof, though there are many gaps to found by a sharpshooter, or someone with a good stabby weapon.
  • Natural Weapons: Bea's teeth and fingernails are harder than steel and can slice through most normal materials. They also carry a mild toxin, about as bad as a bee sting or an ant bite. Distracting and painful, but not debilitating unless you're allergic to bee stings.
  • Insect Strength: Denser muscle fibers and the support of her pseudo-exoskeleton means greatly increased strength for Beatrice. She's good for about 5 tons worth of lifting.
  • Flight: Bea's long termite wings allow her to fly. She can normally achieve speeds of about 40 miles per hour, and is extraordinarily acrobatic in the air.
  • Insect Enlargement: This is the real meat of Bea's power. She is able to enlarge any insect or terrestrial arthropod up to the size of a car or truck. Enlarging an insect to full size takes a few seconds. Her ability works like a water supply, in that she can enlarge about a dozen insects to full size before she runs out of 'juice'. But if she makes them smaller, she can enlarge greater numbers of insects for about two dozen man-sized insects, or three dozen dog-sized insects.
  • All of her insects are enlarged with a rudimentary intelligence, and are conditioned via pheromones to see Bea as a figure to worship. Additionally, with insects which are less focused on hive mentality, she is able to imbue them with a greater degree of sentience. When killed, insects return to their original size.


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