{$actor} as Saoirse Abeni Llewelyn
Name: Saoirse Abeni Llewelyn
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Otherworld/Underworld
Codename: Beni
Position: Businesswoman (Pirate Queen)
Hometown: Connemara, Ireland
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'7"
Father: Oisin Llewelyn Weight: 130#
Mother: Oni Llewelyn Hair Color: Gold/Brown or Black
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Brown/Gold
Children: NA


For all that she's a magical creature, Saoirse's Irish/Yoruban background is unremarkable. She is the child of loving parents (a faerie father and an orisha mother — Marvel types), raised in the green hills of rural Ireland. Her parents were never followers of earthly law, being tricksters and illusionists by nature. They taught her the natural skills of her people, raised her to resist and rebel against the laws of men, hid her and let her heal in the Otherworld when things on Earth got out of hand.

She began her life of crime stealing horses and running liquor in Ireland before moving on to bigger things — protection rackets, thievery, and smuggling. She became a pirate for a time, until her retirement from that life around 1900. After that, she diversified into gambling and bootlegging. In 1930, she opened the first of her speakeasy and burlesque/strip clubs. She recently left New Orleans to expand her little empire in New York City. Saoirse is a lawbreaker and an agent of chaos, not necessarily in the service of evil but neither is she on the side of good.

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  • FAERIE: Saoirse is nearly impossible to harm with any material except iron and alloys containing at least 80% iron. Her strength and agility are that of a human at peak fitness. Saoirse is also highly intelligent. She does not age and appears as a physically mature but still youthful human woman. Saoirse can access the Otherworld via portals accessible to any faerie.
    • FLIGHT: Saoirse is a faerie and, as such, can fly. The downside of flight is that it comes with wings and glow. The wings are made of faerie magic, not flesh, and do not interfere with her clothing. The spectacle can be cloaked with a spell under the usual limitations of her illusions. She can support the weight of several people but cannot fly very fast with them. She can fly at high speeds, powered by her will: it is windy, inconvenient, and embarrassing — beyond a certain speed, the glow becomes too bright to mask.
  • MAGIC: (n.b. All mental effects explicitly require consent.)
    • BOLT: Saoirse can project magical bolts from her hands, along her line of sight. They range in size from needles to lightning blasts — pure force made of magic. Using them drains her magical reserves, anything that disrupts her magic will prevent her from casting.
    • DREAMSHAPE: Within dreams, Saoirse can use her powers of magic and illusion to shape the dream into whatever form or fantasy she desires.
    • DREAMWALK: Saoirse has the ability to project herself into the dreamworld where she walks into the dreams of others to talk to them or influence them.
    • GASLIGHT: A form of mild, magical telepathy that imposes Saoirse's version of events on the victim. Can be activated through any form of communication, most effective in person or in dreams. May not last, depending on the will of the victim and their desire to remember the truth. Someone who wishes to forget true events has a better chance of staying under the spell.
    • ILLUSION: Fleeting images and scenes, a thing out of the corner of the eye to distract, mirages, reflections, fogs, will'o'wisps, and other minor tricks of perception that affect all senses. Focus from those affected will disperse the effect. A magical form of smoke and mirrors.
    • SCRYING: Saoirse can cast bones and dice, receive visions in water or mirrors, and read tarot cards with accuracy.
    • SPELLCASTING: While never a student of magic, Saoirse has the ability to learn and cast spells. Presently, she is limited to a kind of hedgewitch hodge-podge of little spells: purify water, create fire, induce sleep, spy light (a tiny wisp that can travel up to 100 yards away, requires focus), speak to animals, warding, weather-watching (foretell the weather).
    • TELEPORTATION: Saoirse is capable of teleporting herself (and at least 2500lb) to any place she has been before or can see or visualize clearly — this is the amount she is practiced at moving, accounting for herself, a horse, and some contraband or another person. The more mass she moves, the more of her magic is drained.


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