Michael Johnston
Michael Johnston as William "Billy" Kaplan
Name: William "Billy" Kaplan
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: TBD
Codename: Wiccan
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'8"
Father: NA Weight: 140lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Black
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Black
Children: NA

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He is… out of time. Or, maybe, in the wrong world entirely. He remembers (vaguely) a world that hasn't happened yet— a life there, a boyfriend there, a world there that he belonged to. But something happened. He isn't sure what, exactly: he was doing something, something that mattered. He was trying to save the world.

He is Billy Kaplan, and… he is here. He has parents here, a family, friends, a school— all of this makes sense and is real to everyone but him. These parents are his parents, he remembers their life, but in remembering it, something is off, wrong, strange. This world is…. it's like he's in a Back to the Future film, only he knows for the fact he didn't ride in a Delorean, and that movie won't be released for like two decades. What the hell?! They make references that mean nothing to him, but if he mentions Dungeons & Dragons, they stare at him blankly.

Something is wrong with this world. And… more importantly, there is someone he desperately needs to get back to. His love, his heart, his other half. The strong one, really. But he's… not here, he's in the future, in another world, somewhere.

Billy has to find a way home.

IC Events


  • Reality Warping: Billy is a mage of great potential, but he doesn't really understand the nature of his power yet. All of his powers come not from the study of mystical texts or traditions, but instead the innate ability to warp reality to his will. Except for certain abilities that he internalized (through a mechanism he does not understand), he has to cast spells. These spells are almost always improvised and made up on the spot, usually by repeating a short phrase. To work, he has to be able to speak and hear his own words. Although his spells are made up on the fly, some common ones are enhancement to strength, clairvoyance, telepathy, astral projection, illusions, healing, conjuring items, and various sorts of energy bolts.
  • Electrokinesis: One of Aether's internalized spells (thus needing no words), he can generate lightning or electricity from his body. He can also control and manipulate electricity around him. When used as an attack, these bolts can vary in strength, but at its maximum it is roughly equivelent to a lightning bolt, which can be but are not usually fatal to normal humans (but they cause major damage). Weaker bolts can stun or temporarily incapacitate.
  • Telekinesis: Without using a spell, he can lift and manipulate up to two tons of matter with a fine degree of control. This can be used for flight as well: in fact he has a hard time turning it off in that case. He tends to float without really thinking about it.
  • Teleportation: Without a vocalized spell, he can transport himself over large distances (anywhere in New York, we'll say). It takes a spell to take anyone else, open a gate or portal or do similar group movement.



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