Black Widow
Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson as Natalia Alianovna Romanova
Name: Natalia Alianovna Romanova
Birthdate: 04/01/1934
Faction: K.G.B.
Codename: Black Widow
Position: Publicly: Tony Stark's PA. Secretly: K.G.B. Black Widow
Hometown: Stalingrad, USSR
Partner(s): Alexei Shostakov (officially dead) Height: 5'7"
Father: Ivan Petrovich (foster) Weight: 125 lbs.
Mother: NA Hair Color: Red
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Blue
Children: NA


When she was only two years old, Natalia Alianovna Romanova, who some suggested may have had links to the ill fated Romanov family, was orphaned in a Nazi attack. A Russian soldier by the name of Ivan Petrovich took Natalia from her dying mother, and adopted her.

Ivan took Natalia to the Red Room Academy, where she was brainwashed to believe she was attending the most prestigious ballet school. Dreaming of becoming a prima ballerina one day, she trained and worked tirelessly, not dedicating any time to friends and family in her quest to make the big stage. In reality, she was indoctrinated in the Black Widow program, a K.G.B. sponsored program to train young girls into weapons for the U.S.S.R.

The program taught multiple forms of martial arts, acrobatics, espionage, subterfuge, disguise, weaponry, languages, stunt driving, marksmanship, and most important of all, each of the girls were injected witha Red Room variant of the Super Soldier Serum. This gave them peak human conditions, while at the same time sterilizing them. The Red Room was creating killers, not mothers, super agents to serve mother Russia across the globe.

It so happened that after rating top of her class, Natasha graduated to become the next official Black Widow, Russia's top agent. Ivan, her surrogate father, became her handler for assignment, while she was under the impression he is her manager while taking her to different venues where she believed she was performing ballet. It was all half true, she did in fact performed as a ballerina and gained quite a following in Russia, it's just that each performance happened to center around a Black Widow operation.

As a successful ballerina, she came to know famous Russian WWII pilot, Alexei Shostakov, the two fell in love and soon married. Shortly after the Russian government decided to make Alexei their answer to Captain America, and turned him into the Red Guardian after faking his death. The media reported how it was American agents who dispatched the heroic Alexei Shostakov, leading Natasha to be fueled with desire for revenge.

The K.G.B. used that to officially recruit Natasha, no more games playing at being a ballerina, she was now fully dedicated to her missions as Black Widow alone. While with the K.G.B., Natasha was assigned to the Winter Soldier, who trained her and went on exclusive missions with her. However, as soon as her handlers suspected she was developing affections for him, the Winter Soldier was frozen again, leaving Natasha to wonder what happened to him. For many years she operated all over the globe, gathering intel, assassinating targets, and causing sabotage to benefit the Russian government.

With the USA and USSR relations taking a dive for the worse following the disbandment of the ACT-F, Natasha was once again assigned to US soil, this time under the guise of Natalie Rushman, the newest PA for Tony Stark at Stark Industries.

IC Events

  • With the diplomatic relations between USSR and USA crumbling and the ACT-F disbanded. Natasha was asked to take cover as Tony Stark's PA.
  • Expanded her network of contacts in higher circles by working out a friendship with Kaleb Miller of Capstone International.
  • After a run in at Sister Margaret's while undercover as tourist Lesley, Black Widow confirms a sighting of Winter Soldier in New York City.
  • Discovers Winter Soldier is working under alias Jack, and works at the Lux.
  • Tracks Winter Soldier to his safe house, discovers an implanted personality, James "Bucky" Barnes.
  • Infiltrates SHIELD to learn about Winter Soldier's brainwashing and conversion to a SHIELD agents, learns there are Winter Soldier clones and fights Peggy Carter.
  • Thwarts SHIELD's transferring of a KGB defector, Leo, from East Berlin to the West, by giving him a bullet to the head.
  • Nearly interrupts SHIELD's acquisition of assets from notorious info broker in Berlin, only to be called of by Winter Soldier, who assures Black Widow he's in deep cover.
  • Natasha learns that Bucky fooled her, the Winter Soldier *IS* compromised. That or an outright traitor, she is instructed to deal with him as such.
  • Black Widow eliminates informant Nikola Grigoryev while masquerading as one of the Rockettes during the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.
  • As a courtesy to an old friend, Black Widow meets with Winter Soldier in a peaceful meeting, to inform him she has been asked officially to kill him. The hunt is on.
  • Bucky shares details of Natasha's intentions with Peggy Carter, Director of SHIELD and they set up a trap to ensnare the Black Widow once and for all.
  • Imprisoned by SHIELD thanks to Peggy Carter's acquisition of Lock and Key, Natasha finds herself in a very uncharted territory, helplessness.


  • Super Soldier: During her training at the Red Room Academy, Natasha was treated with a Russian variant of the Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America. While not a perfect copy of the serum used on Captain America, the results were astounding, bestowing on Natasha peak human condition, sharpening her senses, slowing her aging, and perfecting her immune system. The following entries are all a result of the Super Soldier Serum.
  • Super Strength: She can lift up to 500lbs.
  • Super Speed: She can run at 30 mph.
  • Super Agility: She is more flexible and agile than Olympic Gymnasts.
  • Super Senses: Her senses are heightened to peak human capability, allowing her to notice details most others won't, hear threats before others, and most importantly react with breathtaking reaction time. Along with her super agility and speed, she has shown to be able to dodge a projectile out of nowhere, with the faintest of motions.
  • Super Immunity: Natasha's immune system has been enhanced to the point that she is not affected by normal viruses nor most toxins and poisons. She also heals tremendously fast, and often has been able to patch herself up mid-assignment, to see it to completion and escape hospital ambushes when would be assassins thought she was out for the count.
  • Super Durability: It takes a lot more punishment to make Natasha stay down, thanks to the serum she has a high pain threshold, and her body is at incredibly durable, which coupled with enhanced stamina and faster natural healing rate, she can surprise people by how much she can handle.
  • Slow Aging: The serum tremendously slowed down Natasha's aging, keeping her body in its peak condition for a long time. The scientist in the Red Room projected that even in the year 2000, she's likely to still appear in her 20s.



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