Winter Soldier
Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan as James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes
Name: James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Mother Russia
Codename: Winter Soldier
Position: {$title}
Hometown: Brooklyn
Partner(s): (none) Height: 5'8"
Father: George (deceased) Weight: 260lbs
Mother: Winifred (deceased) Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Rebecca Eye Color: Blue
Children: Do the hundred Soviet clones count?



  • There was a change of player, starting with the logs in late March, 1964.
  • In late April, 1964, the Latverians bombed the World's Fair. Bucky just happened to be there in an attempt to kill Steve Rogers during his public appearance at the Fair, courtesy of his Russian programming. Buck was initially blamed for both and sought by law enforcement for the attacks. Steve later cleared Bucky's name of the bombing…..but, well, he's still wanted for the attempted murder of Steve Rogers. Feel free to recognize him from Wanted posters….or, if old enough, simply to recognize him from his old career as Steve's sidekick.


  • Super Soldier: In one of those ironies that abounds in comics, Bucky was experimented on to be one of the Red Room's counters to Captain America himself. So in many ways, he's equivalent to the amped-up Steve. He's got the raw strength to lift about a quarter of a ton in a dead lift. He can take damage that'd kill a normal human, both blunt trauma and wounded, and keep fighting long after a mere mortal'd've dropped from exhaustion or blood loss. His flat out running speed is upwards of about 25 mph and can be sustained for much longer than the usual sprint distance, and his reflexes are very close to the human peak in their swiftness. Between the experimentation and the occasional cryogenic vacation, he's aging far, far slower than a normal human - still physically very close to the middle twenties he was when he was taken. He heals swiftly, courtesy of an immune system altered and amped up to deal with the challenges posed by the vibranium prosthesis.
  • Metal Arm: He lost his arm in the incident that had him captured by the Soviets….and waste not want not, they used him as a subject in experiments in vibranium-based augmented prostheses. It's bullet-proof, literally - if he's fast enough, he can block bullets with it. It's also stronger even than his augmented physical self: he can tear the door off a car with ease, punch through plate steel, and throw a shield hard enough to knock Cap himself back a good ways. The electrical conduits that serve it as both nerves and power are vulnerable to attacks of that kind, and it does need occasional maintenance to keep it from locking up or otherwise malfunctioning.



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