Captain Marvel
Brie Larson
Brie Larson as Carol Danvers
Name: Carol Danvers
Birthdate: 01/21/1939
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Captain Marvel
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Hometown: Hometown
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Mother: NA Hair Color: {$haircolor}
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  • Energy Absorption: Carol absorbs numerous types of energy into herself as an unconscious reflex without any damage. She subsists on ambient energy alone. She stockpiles a vast store of energy to fuel her powers, and most of her abilities extend when she consciously draws on her energy battery. Genetic tampering has given her many creative possibilities of how to use this energy, limited greatly by experience and not wishing to vaporize people or buildings. Anything asterisk marked relies on energy supply.
  • Endurance: Carol is nearly impervious to mundane damage and she can thrive in outer space without any trouble. Her modified DNA makes her immune to terrestrial toxins and diseases, and Kree-oriented ones have diluted effects. She can be damaged by magic and high-impact weapons (Mjolnir), but high-energy blasts actually fuel her power rise.
  • Stellar Blasts*: Manipulating the energy in her as high-burst blasts capable of vaporizing titanium is her primary attack. These originate from her hands or eyes as a rule. She can scale the beams wide or narrow, but their multidirectionality is limited by source — her hands can only be in two places, for example.
  • Healing Factor*: Carol heals grievous wounds in a fraction of their normal time with ready access to energy. She can burn through her supply to overcome near-lethal damage in short order.
  • Super Strength*: Carol normally can lift around 75 tons, impressive in its own right. She can support whole jets or spaceships, and when drawing on energy, can boost her strength level to around 100 tons. She is not readily aware she can do this.
  • Flight*: She can reach hypersonic speeds outside the atmosphere. Her powers protect her against the ravages of high-speed interstellar flight.
  • Agility*: Usually fast, Carol operates typically at twice to three times the speed and agility of a peak human. When she channels stellar energy, Carol can outrun bullets and perform impossible feats of dexterity that speedsters would yawn at.
  • Desperation Blast*: Carol's powers can surge out of control when she loses control. This is a Bad Thing. It usually involves a smoking crater from the energy field storming around her. That energy is plasma like a tiny, hungry star. Usually she burns out pretty quick. Usually.


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