Robert Sheehan
Robert Sheehan as Carson Flores
Name: Carson Flores
Birthdate: 04/22/1943
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Carson
Position: Gardener, Mutant Town Community Garden Owner
Hometown: Harlem
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'8"
Father: Alfonso Flores Weight: Lean
Mother: Lydia Flores Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Green
Children: NA


Born to mixed parents, a white mother and a mixed-race father, Carson was brought into the world already at a disadvantage. His mother, knowing this, had put him in every sport, had him in music lessons, pushed him to place the highest in his classes and discouraged him from participating in anything that could have him viewed any more unfavorably in society than he already was just for not being white. As a child though, Carson had always been strange, showing an interest in learning to cook by his mother's side and far friendlier with trees than he was people. While he did dutifully learn everything that his mother bid him to, getting the best grades in all his classes, but with all the added lessons and sports, Carson had little time to socialize with his fellow classmates and still chose to spend more time encouraging the lettuce in the garden to grow rather than going out with friends or even speaking to kids his age.

His powers manifested young, but he had not known at first that they were powers at all. He spoke to the plants in the garden and they yielded more fruit, bigger vegetables. One day he discovered that he could just will the vines on the plants into moving and when he showed his mother, she was horrified. She encouraged him to keep it hidden and would not even acknowledge that it existed whenever Carson talked about it. It's hard to keep up the charade when your child is formally invited to attend a school specifically for mutants. To Lydia, there was no doubt about it, Carson would absolutely not be going, why should he go spend time with the other abominations of society when they had a good life right here? Vehemently against it and loud about it, she tried to talk his father out of taking him and that if he decided to move to New York, then she would not be joining them. Carson's father, who had always disapproved of the way Lydia treated Carson's mutation, ultimately decided to move to New York with Carson, without his mother. Carson never saw his mother again, though she does write him, for Christmas and his birthday. Attending the school, Carson was able to unlock more his abilities around other children like himself. He still prefers plants to humans.

Now, Carson lives in Harlem with his father, he runs a community garden in mutant town and to keep a roof over their head, tends the gardens of others.

IC Events


  • Chlorokinesis: Carson is able to cause plant growth within fertile soil within ten yards of himself when his bare skin meets the ground. If the ground is infertile, he cannot cause plant growth within it, he can also not grow things in environments where they would not thrive.
  • Botanical Manipulation: Carson can manipulate the biological makeup of plants he is incredibly familiar with, altering the nutritional value or also making an otherwise non toxic plant toxic. Carson needs to be very familiar with the plant to be able to do this successfully.
  • Telebotany: Carson can speak with plants telepathically. The information they can give him is limited to seismic activity and voices heard when it comes to identifying an enemy that may or may not have passed by as well as any other things a plant would know; the weather, the humidity, it's current status physically.
  • Petal Blast: With a single petal off of any flower, Carson can multiply it and create a ray of petals from his hand, not incredibly effective at causing harm but effective as a distraction instead, a way to cloud someone's vision.
  • Plant Animation: Carson can animate plants to a small degree, he cannot change the plants biological makeup, making them more resitant to being cut or set on fire or anything like that. He can use vines to restrain someone, but cannot combine plants to make monsters, only animate whatever their current form is.



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