Brian J Smith
Brian J Smith as Chance Alexander
Name: Chance Alexander
Birthdate: 05/04/1935
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Freefall
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IC Events


  • Gravity Control: Chance is a mutant who has control over gravity. Fundamentally, he can manipulate the strength and orientation of gravity fields. This is done by 'binding' an object (currently, any discrete, complete, coherent object: living or inanimate) either to another object or simply to a direction. Something thus bound is pulled by gravity towards what it is bound to. Bindings can be maintained as long as he keeps them in mind, or up to a day after if he wishes them to be lasting. To bind something he has to touch it and what he is binding it to— unless that 'to' is a direction. The strength of a binding can be fractional (ie, less then 1G) or multiplicitive up to 10G. If a bond is at least 1G, then it *replaces* the pull that the earth pulls on an object. Fractional bindings cause things to effectively become lighter: if an object has 0.9 gravity binding lifting up, then the object is one tenth the weight being pulled down. At any one time he can have any number of bindings active, but only to a total limit of 20G.
  • Some common uses of this are:
  • Up Is Down: By binding a thing to a direction, that thing will fall towards that direction. A common application is for him to bind himself towards the wall, and with a bit of dexterity, he can be running on the wall. If he releases that binding at the same time he binds himself towards the ceiling, another bit of dexterity will have him running on the ceiling. He is very adept at these manipulations and this can lead him to seemingly amazing feats of dexterity and acrobatics, when in fact much of it is him doing subtle shifts of his own personal gravitational binding.
  • Stay Put: By putting a very strong bond on an object that can withstand force, such as a solid object, he can functionally attach two things so that it would take incredible strength to move it.
  • Crush: Most people can handle up to 5G with discomfort, but after 6 or so for prolonged effects there's danger of bodily harm, while at 9 most standard people will begin to lose consciousness and suffer broken bones depending on directionality and situational details. Regular humans can't survive over 5G for very long, and 10G is likely immediately fatal. That said, the world is full of people who are not regular and who have strength and endurance to survive these conditions. For those people, bindings have the obvious effects of making them fall up — but once they hit a ceiling, they're just standing on the ceiling. The strength of the binding effectively becomes a limit of the strength of the person for the strong and durable. At 2G, they're half as strong. At 3G, they're a third as strong, and so on.
  • Pew, Pew: By holding a projectile and binding it at 10G's towards a person, he can hurl things at over 220 mph. This is slower then bullets by about a tenth, but enough to do real damage to mundanes, and make those that are durable have some trouble (if only as inconvienence)… though if he binds a car towards someone, that trouble can be a lot more problematic then a bullet they can shrug off.
  • Flight: By binding himself up in areas without ceilings, he falls up into the air: he can bind himself up and forward to move at an angle, continually altering exactly where he's bound to to fly with a rough sort of dexterity. Its a bit jerking and angular, but he can maneuver effectively. He can hover by binding himself simultaneously up and down to equal measure. A 10G binding would let him fly about 220mph, but his power currently offers no extra durability so that would pretty much kill him. He can safely fly at 5G, or about 110mph.
  • Super Strength: Its not, in any way, super strength. However, in effect— if something is bound up 0.9G, its a tenth as heavy.
  • Slow Down, Speed Up: If someone is bound down 2G, they will be relatively sluggish. This is bad for most people— even super people would find themselves notable weaker. If someone is bound up 0.5G, they will be light. If someone is trained in this, that can give them major advantages and a seemingly impossible level of dexterity and acrobatics (which he uses almost instinctively).


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