Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Clark Joseph Kent/Kal-El
Name: Clark Joseph Kent/Kal-El
Birthdate: 10/15/1935
Faction: Avengers
Codename: Superman
Position: Reporter, Journalist, Superhero
Hometown: A small town in Kansas
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'3"
Father: Jonathon Kent (Adopted), Jor-El (Biological) Weight: 235lbs
Mother: Martha Kent (Adopted), Lara Lor-Van (Biological) Hair Color: Black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


IC Events


  • Solar Absorption- Due to his Kryptonian physiology, Kal-El's body is basically one epic solar battery. This is the reason and the 'fuel source' for all of Superman's incredible abilities. Not to mention, he can 'store' Solar energy for later use. As a result, he rarely, if ever, burns out when he's in broad daylight. Super Strength - Superman is one of the physically strongest heroes the world has ever known. His great might allows him to lift 100 tons. He can catch airliners and truly go head to head with the strongest of both heroes and villains and stand his ground.
  • Super Speed- Faster than a speeding bullet! Superman is fast enough to catch bullets after they've already been fired, run at supersonic speeds, and move quick enough as if to observe the world in a kind of 'slow motion'. Though he's by no means a speedster.
  • Invulnerability- The Man of Steel! Superman is almost impervious to most forms of damage. Missiles barely phase him and bullets simply ping off of his flesh. He's completely immune to earth-residing diseases and toxins. High energy weapons can hurt a little, but it would take either excessive concussive force (Blunt Force Trauma), magic, kryptonite, or a truly mighty weapon to take down Superman (see flaws).
  • Heat Vision- Superman can emit beams of intense heat from his eyes that can easily melt through most substances (minus harder metals like titanium). The beams of heat can vary by size and what's effected. It could be as wide as his vision to try and burn through everything in sight, or it could be of a surgical size for miniscule tasks.
  • Enhanced Vision- Superman's eyesight is immensely enhanced, able to see objects and people through multiple stages. He can see objects at a microscopic level, see individuals as if they were in an X-Ray, See the electromagnetic spectrum, and see in the infrared. Lastly, he can see quite far, as far as an Eagle. He can see through virtually every substance, but he can't see through lead, however.
  • Flight- Superman can fly. It's like his staple! The Big Blue Boy Scout can reach hypersonic speeds in flight. He can reach the atmosphere of the planet and beyond and is more than capable of Interstellar travel.
  • Super Hearing- Kal-El's ability to hear has been vastly enhanced, even more than that of a bloodhound. He can hear practically /everything/ in whatever city he happens to be in. But if he can focus, his hearing can even extend from that limit to a city wide (about the size of New York City). However, this means he's sensitive to high pitched noises (see flaw).
  • Super Breath- Just by exhuding a strong breath in a blowing motion, he can exhude hurricane force winds (equivalent to an F4 tornado). He can also control the temperature of his super breath, able to make it as low as ethanol at it's freezing point to freeze his opponents or objects. Lastly, he can not only beathe out, but in as well. He can suck vapors or winds into his mouth. Dealing with a tornado? No problem!
  • Longevity- So long as Superman is continually charged by a yellow sun, his body will never decompose. In essence, he could theoretically live forever where age is concerned. However, it won't bring him back to life if he is killed 'by the sword' as it were.



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