{$actor} as Victoria Eira Stackpoole
Name: Victoria Eira Stackpoole
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: N/A
Codename: Complexity
Position: Peggy Carter's Nanny
Hometown: London
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'4"
Father: Edward Stackpoole (Deceased) Weight: 100 lbs
Mother: Megan Stackpoole Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Seren Stackpoole (Sister, alive), Geoffry Stackpoole (Deceased) Eye Color: Blue
Children: NA


Victoria Stackpoole was born during World War Two. Her father and older brother both died in the London Blitz. Hailing from an upper-middle class family that was reduced to poverty by the war and crush of history, she's bitterly resentful against Hitler in particular, Germans in general, and the chaos and disorder of the world. Having received a degree in Mathematics from Queen Elizabeth University, she's proven herself to have a head for finance and pattern recognition, and has come to New York to try and make her way in the world.

IC Events

Recent activities include playing with the stock market and being hired as Peggy Carter's nanny.


  • Mutant: Victoria (Complexity) is a mutant, Homo Superior. Her mutation revolves around a field of mathematics that are in their barest, most unknown infancy in the game's time period: Complex Systems Theory. There are infinite variables in any complex system, and no-one can quantify them, let alone measure all of them…but she can manipulate them, with effort.
  • Pattern Recognition: The most basic and simple aspect of Victoria's power is that she is extremely adept at recognizing patterns. Any sort of patterns. They can be mathematical, scientific, financial, behavorial. If there is a minute item out of place from the general pattern, or a minute item which indicates a larger picture, she'll spot it. She quickly spots the variables in any given system. She would make an excellent detective. This is not enhanced intelligence, per se, but merely an alternate form of perception and insight into the world around her. Generally speaking this requires actual perception. So in the case of a crime scene, she must see it. In the case of a political election, she must study the data. In the case of psychology, or someone acting out of sorts, she must talk to them. It isn't a psychic power in any way. It is a cognative power.
  • Chaotic Systems Manipulation: This power enables her to manipulate the variables in chaotic systems. Not merely 'complex' systems, but chaotic ones - with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of variables. This isn't an instant power, it requires effort. First, she needs to perceive what those variables are, which could take observation (perhaps dangerous!) or research and study/etc. Once she understands the variables she must manipulate them. If she were manipulating a political election, she might speak to a few key voters in hard to reach areas, or tear down 30 specific signs at apparently arbitrary points in time. She could not use this power to cheat at cards at a poker table (though pattern recognition might make her a good player) … but if she had thirty people all willing to go into a casino and follow her instructions, she could probably clean it out.
  • The more chaotic the system, the better. Again, it should be noted that the use of this power requires 'effort' to actually change variables, and that such effort must be proportional to the change. So, if she wants to cause a tornado in a specific area in Japan on a specific day…well, she actually might be able to do that. But she'll have to prepare for it by studying loads of data patterns, and possibly release several hundred to several thousand butterflies at specific cities in the world at specific times in advance. Not impossible by any means. But definately effort.
  • This power works well on things like financial systems, large crowds, cryptogaphy (what is cryptography but the manipulation of variables?), and so on. Essentially the sort of systems that come up in an 'applications of chaos theory' google search. Its not a carte blanch to effect anything. It must be an actual system with hundreds or thousands of variables. Likewise, while her power may not have much in the way of 'instant gratification' or immediate combat uses, she's the sort of person whom would be -exceedingly useful- to have on hand in any battle, as a battle of any size has thousands of variables…what better example of complexity and chaos could there be?


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