Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan as John Constantine
Name: John Constantine
Birthdate: 05/10/1925
Faction: Mystics, Lex Talionis, Illuminati
Codename: Hellblazer
Position: Exorcist, Demonologist, Master "Petty Dabbler" of the Dark Arts, & Cosmic Midwife (See card)
Hometown: Liverpool, England
Partner(s): Mostly deceased Height: 6'
Father: Thomas Weight: 150#
Mother: Mary Anne Deceased Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: John (Twin) Deceased, Evelyn Deceased Eye Color: Dk. Brown
Children: None he's aware of

Origin Story

They say children are born into this world innocent.
This is not always so.
Not with the blood of a demon and the DNA of some forgotten Nephilim.

These things happen, right?

The legacy of Sorcerous heritage from celestial beings was not the only debt he was born paying for. There were also the sins of the father he was born answerable for, or at least to his father in question. His faster made bad decisions, and worse choices with his wife's health leaving her in a weakened state where only one of her twins (John) survived, and she perished in childbirth.

By 9 young John decided to retire from a life of blame and abuse. He move in with his older sister who introduced him to people who put him on his destined path to finally excel at something. Through magic he started finding a path to redemption the church couldn't offer him. He studied with masters and drifted to relationship to relationship. He learned the hard way watching the building where his lover was burn to the ground that his success came at a high price. Someone asked if he loved them. As they watched the wreckage he answered, "must have or they wouldn't be dead."

He is the reason he can't have nice things.



  • Astral Travel: This can be achieved with ritual to bring John to a near dead state and requires water. From here he can throw his consciousness across any distance or plane but cannot defend his body while he does this. Were his body to perish he would get trapped as a spirit wherever he was. In this astral form he is invisible to the living but can be detected by mediums, and those that can sense spirit presence.
  • Banishments & Exorcisms: As John's bread and butter he knows many formal rituals to expel a being from a place or possessing a place or person, sometimes binding them. As a ritual this can require use of a charm for minor spirits to long rituals and sometimes sacrifices for more powerful beings.
  • Blood Type D+: When getting a blood transfusion check to see it's not from an infernal source first. On the upside he heals very swiftly (minor wounds in a few days, and major wounds in a couple weeks). Likewise this grants a natural longevity, though does not grant immortality that he is at all aware of. This may, however, make him mildly susceptible to things that would affect demons. Constantine's demonically tainted biology is toxic if ingested; depending on how much, either painful or debilitating. He's not to be snacked upon.
  • Counter-Magic: This is difficult to do, he has to concentrate on this sole focus and take no other actions. (For NPC, requires PC consent) This usually can just buy him time for others to take action, or try to hold something in a state of stasis. This leaves him prone to arcane backlash in this time which can be harmful to John directly.
  • Evocation: John can use a formal prepared ritual to summon a demon to ask a favour (only one open contract at a time) where the difficulty of this scales with the being summoned. The demon must comply but John has no control over how the demon goes about fulfilling this part of their contract. This agreement lasts only until the bargain in the contract is fulfilled or the demon is banished by other means. This makes things exceptionally dangerous to use. A typical demon can be asked to: retrieve information, protect John from a threat, drag a spirit of equivocal or lesser power back to hell with it.
  • Glamour: John can create minor illusions on an object he can carry (like passing off his business card to say something else, passing off a playing card as a gift card, or coupons for cash, etc.) which last so long as he is thinking about it (for the scene). With a prepared ritual John can make something look like something very specific that will stand up to scrutiny (passing off a bundle of sticks as a baby) which becomes a contest of wills ; John vs. the person he's duping.
  • Mage-Sight: John uses runes and talismans to grant him the Sight, allowing him to see see magic and otherworldly things or energies.
  • Necromancy: With proper ritual offerings, can perform a formal ritual to summon a ghost, or raise a corpse for a favour (provide information, simple tasks, guard something, haunt someone, and similar). Difficulty varies with the willingness of the spirit to comply and often has a high, unseen price. (Able to be used against him with ST discretion)
  • Psychic Shielding: Between his heritage, blood, and other factors Constantine is resistant (not immune) to mind control of all kinds, and makes him extremely hard to be ridden by spirits and other forms of possession. (Page OOC to discuss)
  • Pyromancy: While he can not create fire, he can control any source of fire except those someone else controls, which he can only control to blunt its effect against him. Control includes intensity, direction, and even flinging fireballs. Fire he controls does not harm him.
  • Synchronicity Wave Traveling: John shapes his destiny, cursed as it may be. His passive ability to alter fate and fortune puts him in the right place at the right time, has allowed him to sidestep the apocalypse, land on his feet more times than a cat, and have what he needs when he needs it from a winning card to a hunk of sulfur in a pinch. This likewise only aids his own survival, but does not work for those around him.
  • Temporal Anchor: Is immune to time magics due to his strange heritage. Regardless of time effects he can move freely and remain aware.

Cases/Conspiracy Board

Plot/Log link:
Contact: Chance
Faction: Lex Talionis


  • A cult dedicating themselves to the Lord of Masks kidnapped a Mutant and tried to sacrifice him in a graveyard ceremony to their god.
  • The Lord of Masks seems to surface every 100 years (Last in London in Victorian times) and is said to grant immortality(?) by having his followers steal souls through the ritual mask.
  • the masks are rare. John and Chance saw a cultist with a silver one that ran off in teh graveyard.
  • (+1) Cultist: Retained for interrogation at this time. (PENDING)
  • Never put on the damn mask.

Closed Cases


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