David Tennant
David Tennant as John Constantine
Name: John Constantine
Age: 46
Faction: Ha!
Codename: Hellblazer
Position: Occult Detective
Hometown: Liverpool
Partner(s): NA Height: 6 ft
Father: Probably Deceased Weight: {$weight}
Mother: Deceased Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Possibly Alive Eye Color: Brown
Children: NA


John Constantine came into the world under mixed circumstances. Born to a Liverpool family, his mother had died in labour, and he'd strangled his twin in the womb. It's little wonder then that his father continued this line of violence in his life, constantly blaming him for the loss of his mother and his twin brother. The two formed a terrible connection, never quite agreeing or connecting with one another. His alcoholic father learned to despise him as the years dragged on, further creating the level of bitterness that would characterize much of his adult life.

The relationship caused enough tension that he ran away to be raised by his older sibling. Magic became an easy point of fascination in John's life. He came from a long line of magi, and had a knack for the occult. Magic allowed him some escape and enabled him the ability to excel somewhere. Consequently, this excelling enabled him to become quite knowledgeable in the occult.

He studied far and wide, spending many of his days reading, studying, and learning from the Masters.

He entered both of the World Wars, and in his forties found himself standing off against a Hydra facility. It was there that history had him disappearing. Where? No one knows.

IC Events


  • Synchronicity Wave Traveling: John is lucky. Very lucky. While he doesn't always control it, John frequently finds himself in the exact right place at the right time. This luck works in his favour and frequently gives him an out when one is needed. It enables him to get answers to questions, important information for whatever situation he is in, and randomly get out of binds. The game is rigged in his favour.
  • Sorcery: John has command of magic thanks to his studies in Europe and the US. In particular, his abilities include divination, curses, evocation, golemancy, necromancy, and, on rare occasion, and illusion. This takes extreme concentration, and, at times relies on very particular types of artifacts depending on what kind of magic he's trying to enact.
  • Divination: Scrying, tea leaf reading, and related practices demonstrate the Sight. He draws on these tools in order to locate people, objects, or general information about a case he's working on.
  • Curses: Drawing on the dark arts, Constantine can use spells in order to enact revenge and effects that he longs for on his enemies.
  • Evocation: Constantine can summon demons to help him with whatever he's currently working on. What the demons do once there, however, is up to them, and he even warns others about using them because they are always in league with themselves and their own desires..
  • Golemancy: Can create statues that he can bring to life to help him when needed in any kind of battle.
  • Necromancy: Constantine can raise ghosts from the dead in order to achieve some end.
  • Illusion: If Constantine can imagine it, he can create an illusion of it. It's probably fortunate he's not that imaginative. His illusions always have their own weaknesses and can't surpass all of the most sophisticated of eyes.
  • Pyromancy: Constantine can ignite greater elemental fires from one that's already lit. Specifically, he can control the fire so from an already lit flame.
  • Psychic Resistance: Constantine is resistant to mind control of any form thanks to his magical abilities.



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