Cole Sprouse
Cole Sprouse as Daire Elliott
Name: Daire Elliott
Birthdate: 10/08/1938
Faction: X-Men
Codename: Cassiel
Position: Bouncer at Eight Ball (Mutant Town)
Hometown: Utica, New York
Partner(s): Josh Foley (Elixir) Height: 6'0"
Father: Joseph Elliott Weight: Unknown
Mother: Irina Elliott Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Older Brother, Younger Sister Eye Color: Unnatural Green
Children: None


Daire Elliott was born into a blue collar family with few advantages. His mutations began to manifest in his mid teens along with all the other changes that teenagers go through. It started out with the eerie changes to his eyes and his strange night vision. In stressful situations, he began to sprout claws, or fangs. But at first, he didn't really realize what was going on, and the shifts were brief and brushed off.

He was a bright and gregarious kid, quick of wit and sharp of tongue. He had a few close friends and while not the most popular kid at school, was not a social outcast either. He did well in school, but through dedicated studying. Wanting to help people, he decided to go into Psychology to become a counselor. He made more friends in college, and his social circles opened up. He worked hard and seemed to be doing well, but the stresses and pressure that continued to mount, and the continued development of his abilities made for more and more frequent manifestations which became harder to conceal, particularly when the small horns began to form on his head, and his teeth began to grow sharp.

Eventually, he fled school entirely as he lost control more frequently and he went into hiding. He found himself trying anything to numb his feelings, to put himself into a stupor so that he wouldn't shift, but it lead to him getting into more fights, and he found himself struggling on the streets for survival. It was the X-men who found him, took him in, and helped him to learn how to better control his manifestations. There was nothing that could be done about his physical changes. Those would likely continue, he was told, as he grew more powerful. He learned how to turn to music as an outlet, something that would calm him and allow him to center himself again.

Eventually, he started doing community work, helping out in Mutant Town where he could, looking after folks, finding those in need and giving his time, lending a hand with odd jobs, and eventually he found himself a place among sympathetic faces. He still tries to conceal what he is from people as much as possible, but he also tries to help as much as possible, protecting folks who need it, and contributing at the community center.

IC Events

  • 1938 - Daire is born in Utica, NY.
  • 1951 - Daire's powers begin to manifest with his unnatural eye color. He attempts to conceal it as best he can.
  • 1956 - Daire begins his BA in Psychology. Josh is his roommate.
  • 1957 - Josh discovers that Daire is a mutant.
  • 1959 - Daire drops out of college as it becomes harder to conceal the physical changes of his mutation and finds himself spinning out of control. He is discovered by the X-Men. He is helped to learn to control his abilities and takes the name Cassiel.
  • 1960 - Daire leaves the Institute and ends up back on the streets where he uses music as a means of meditation, and begins helping those less fortunate in Mutant Town.
  • 1964 - Daire begins work at the community center, mostly at night where he can remain concealed. There, he happens upon Josh again, after all these years.


  • Daire is a Mutant whose powers began to manifest in his mid teens and as they grew, began to become more obvious as time went by until they affected his physical form.
  • Night Vision: He is able to see even in total darkness, though that vision is a bit blurred and faint on details, more like that of night vision goggles. This causes his own eyes to faintly glow green.
  • Alternate Form: While he grows no larger, he becomes stronger, fingers becoming claws which can rend and tear, his form more muscular and his skin taking on a greyish cast. In this form, all of the physical effects of his mutation become more pronounced. Sharpened teeth become more pronounced and easily capable of tearing flesh. A long tail can lash out like a whip. His skin is a bit more tough to pierce, and leathery wings (see below) are capable of holding him aloft while carrying another person as large as his altered form. However, his maximum flight speed is decreased by half.
  • Wings and Flight: Leathery wings can tear forth from beneath his skin and back, allowing him unburdened flight at roughly the speed of an eagle (75-90pm) with a maximum range of approximately 125 miles before he requires at least several hours of sleep before he can do it again. Carrying anything more than half his body weight outside of his fully-altered form is not possible.



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