Dead Girl
Moonbeam as Moonbeam
Name: Moonbeam
Birthdate: 09/13/1946
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Dead Girl
Position: Position/Job Title/Rank
Hometown: Hometown
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'8"
Father: NA Weight: 110
Mother: NA Hair Color: Ashen Black/Grey
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Red
Children: NA


*1946: Moonbeam is born in Southern California, near Berkeley. Her parents are die-hard Wandervogel proto-hippies, the children of immigrants whod escaped the bad times after WWI . She grows up in a community that is very much alternative to the standard.

*1946-1956: Moonbeams childhood is happy. Her parents raise her with love and kindness. She is a free spirit, and her parents- children of the antimateralistic beat (beatnik) generation raise her in an environment that rewards free thought, kindness, and creativity.

*1956-1963: Moonbeam grows up in the beginnings of the Hippie culture as it appears in Berkeley. The people she interacts with during this time have a profound and lasting effect on her world view. She enjoys the beach. She loves music and acting. She spends most of her time between home-school lessons and her creative hobbies of acting, dancing, and music. At sixteen she gets her GED from the State of California and decides to strike out on her own- with her Parents blessing.

*1963-1964: Moonbeam hitch-hikes her way across the country towards New York City. She takes her time, enjoys the journey. She travels with almost all sorts of people- luckily, nothing untoward happens during the journey. Indeed, the year she spends traveling is an amazing experience that she treasures.

*1964-1965: Finally in New York City, Moonbeam works hard to get a job on Broadway. She manages to get a few jobs in the chorus of off-broadway musicals, something of an up and comer. She moves in with a man she thought she could trust. A man who, near the end of 1964 murders Moonbeam in cold blood. He manages to get away with it- dropping her body near Mutant Town. Her death is presumed a homicide and she is buried by small group of friends- fellow actors and actresses, people shed touched in her short time in New York City.
But that was not the end- indeed, Moonbeam had died- but only remained dead for about twenty minutes. The next five months, until nearly June of 1965, Moonbeam learns to control her mutant powers. Her death having activated her powers. Now, and forever more, she would be Dead Girl!

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  • Immortality: Moonbeam, by virtue of being dead, is immortal. She no longer ages, she does not have any biological requirement for sustenance of any kind, including food and drink. She has no need for heat, and she has no need for air or atmosphere to survive.
  • Dead: As a walking corpse, Dead Girl is further immune to anything that specifically requires living subjects to work. She can be considered inanimate for those purposes. Her body is always the ambient temperature, and she doesnt experience pain in the same way the living do. She isnt as affected by such things. Furthermore, while she does have a mind, telepathic individuals might find Dead Girls mind particularly unpleasant to access due to the physically dead nature of the conduit to her mind. She is a conduit for necromantic and necrokinetic energies, afterall.
  • Regenerative Healing: Dead Girls body seeks to be in the state when her mutation first activated. She can heal from even the most heinous of injuries, almost instantly, even if reduced just to bones.
  • Necrokinesis/Necromancy: Dead Girl is a natural necromancer and necrokinetic- this is how she controls her own body. She is able to speak to the dead via their physical remains or on the astral plane. She can further communicate with the very stuff of death- cells, bacteria, dead and decaying tissue. She can further summon images of the dead in the minds of others to often terrifying effect. Finally, she is able to resurrect the recently dead as zombies or ghosts- they will retain their sense of self, but the effect is temporary (One scene, or as dramatically appropriate) . She can furthermore control dead flesh, and corpses- this being how she controls her own body.
  • Ghost Form: Dead Girl is able to step into the Astral Plane, becoming like a ghost when she does so. In this form she is intangible and can phase through any mundane material, and many more exotic materials that would otherwise not block astral travel. In this form she is able to walk on air giving her the power of flight, but only at her normal movement speeds.
  • Enhanced Physiology: Dead Girl can be considered to be in perfect physical condition. She is slightly stronger than human maximum, and is likewise a touch more agile than one would expect of a human being. She can lift up to one ton. She can run at Olympic speeds without tiring, and is agile enough to just beat out most professional gymnasts.
  • Claws: Dead Girl can transform her hands into rending claws. They are tough and sharp enough to tear through high-carbon steel, but would have trouble on tougher substances and would be next to useless on truly exotic substances such as Adamantium or Promethium.
  • Full body Control: An off-shoot of her Necromantic talents, Dead Girl is in control of her body even when all the parts arent actually attached to her. She can control her hand if it is removed, or survive just fine without her head.



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