Destroyer Of Worlds
Itself as Destroyer
Name: Destroyer
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Asgard/Villain
Codename: Destroyer Of Worlds
Position: NA
Hometown: Asgard
Partner(s): NA Height: 9'6" and up
Father: Odin (Creator) Weight: 850# and up
Mother: NA Hair Color: NA
Siblings: NA Eye Color: NA
Children: NA


Legend has it that Odin created Destroyer and inhabited it, along with two other Gods, in order to defeat the Celestials. It was once melted to slag — not destroyed — by the combined might of the Celestial forces but was reformed by unknown means. Since that time, Odin has attempted to keep it from doing harm, locking it away deep in his vaults. The armor has been stolen, lost, reanimated, used as a spirit prison, set loose on the unsuspecting, and more. Each time, various alliances have managed to strip its spirits from it and render it inanimate once more — not without cost and not before it inflicts terrible damage.

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  • ENERGY MANIPULATION: Destroyer converts the power and magic of its spirit inhabitant(s), ambient energy, ambient magic, gravity — any active force — into energy, which it can project in any form it chooses. (Includes but is not limited to heat, electricity, plasma, anti-matter, magnetic forces.) Through this manipulation, it can also alter the most basic structures of matter, allowing it to use its energy beams to transmute materials, including its own form. The energy within the Destroyer is limited only by the will of its user(s).
  • FACE OF DESTRUCTION: The face of the Destroyer opens to unleash the full power of the energy within. This power is great enough that, when controlled by some of the most powerful creatures in the multiverse, Destroyer has broken planets apart. Again, the power and will and magic of the controller(s) is the only limitation to this weapon. This beam can destroy even the metal known as Uru. The face of the Destroyer must open, as a furnace needs to be opened to air, in order to build the full force of its power before releasing it.
  • IDEAL FORM: The Destroyer can lift over 100 tons, react almost too fast to see, outrun most vehicles, never tires — if possessed by a powerful will, its physical attributes are nearly limitless. It can even alter its mass and size but has not been seen to be less than 9'6" tall and 850 pounds.
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE: Odin crafted Destroyer from something more resilient than Uru. Destroyer can survive in deep space, withstand assaults from Odin or Thor (using Mjolnir), walk through the deepest seas, brush off artillery assaults, survive re-entry into atmosphere, fall from immense heights. Once, it was melted down by the focused weapons of a Celestial army but it was reformed later. It can likely survive even being sent into a sun, if it is inhabited by a strong enough spirit.
  • LEVITATION: Destroyer flies by some form of levitation, when inhabited. It has been tracked moving at speeds many times greater than the speed of sound.
  • MAGIC AFFINITY: The metal of the Destroyer has a particularly powerful affinity for magic. It can absorb, store, and convert magic in seemingly unlimited quantities. This is how it is able to be formed and animated, thanks to Odin's early work on it.
  • SPIRIT VESSEL: Destroyer can be animated by one or more persons — magical affinity is not required but those without powers may lose their lives, particularly mortals such as humans, as it draws upon that force instead of their magic. The controller can also sacrifice others to it, charging it with their powers, or spirits may be bound into it. Without bodies, the spirits are quickly subject to the purpose of the Destroyer.
  • UNSHAKABLE PURPOSE: Destroyer exists to wreak destruction on any world it walks, and beyond. It cannot be swayed for long — it is perfect in its form and its purpose. This purpose is bound into its form and is part of its power.



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