Doctor Doom
Adam Driver
Adam Driver as Victor Von Doom
Name: Victor Von Doom
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Doctor Doom
Position: Position/Job Title/Rank
Hometown: Hometown
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'2"
Father: NA Weight: 225 lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Brown
Children: NA


Born in Latveria to a mother who sought the help of a demon to her peril, and a father who would act as physician to the King, Victor Von Doom did not have what anyone would call a normal upbringing. Through strange familial circumstances, Victor ended up orphaned at a young age, and under the care of his father's friend, Boris.

Victor's mother had been a purveyor of magic, and had collected many artifacts that Victor had inherited upon her imprisonment in Hell. Through these artifacts, Victor began to study and engage with magic. Simultaneously, he had been identified as a scientific genius, and was recruited to study University in the United States.

It was there that his fate would change, and he would meet Reed Richards. Richards attempted to form a friendship with Victor, but the offer would meet a cold shoulder. The two carried on through school, and both completed advanced degrees in different sciences. All sense of collegiality between them disappeared after Reed corrected the calculations for one of Doom's devices. Unbelieving that he could get anything wrong, the device (which had been designed to rescue his mother from the demon) blew up in Victor's face, leaving him scarred. He blamed Reed for this particular incident, and hasn't let it go.

He ran away from the States and went to Tibet where he met a mystic and found a long-lost order of monks that would become his servants.

Following his time in Tibet, Doom returned to Latveria and overthrew the current King. In doing so, he used his genius to enhance Latveria and increase the standard of living exponentially. The people of Latveria, consequently, took to him and his rule well, and devoted their lives to his leadership. His devotion to collectivism won him much favour with the Soviets and those in the Eastern block, ultimately leading to lauding him as a superior leader within the Iron Curtain.

During this time, he created many things and further advanced his technology and that of the Latverian people. Strangely, following the Global Science and Technology conference, he opted to move to the embassy in New York, and has taken up residence as the ambassador for Latveria to the USA.

IC Events


  • Mystic In Training: Doom has just started to understand and unlock the world of mysticism. Currently, he's studying magic, but has only performed very rudimentary parlour tricks. That said, he can also invoke the help of mystical entities for assistance when he absolutely requires it.

On Game History

  • Victor presented a paper on nanotechnology at the Global Science and Technology Conference —> of note, he actually sponsored the entire conference in order to propagate his nanites in the minds of unsuspecting conference goers (his motivation here remains unclear, but the nanites caused people to act irrationally and seemed to do something to powered people such that they couldn't control their abilities)
  • Following the conference, Victor chose to move to the Latverian embassy in NYC
  • The Fantastic Four found out the cause of the mysterious illness, and Johnny Storm deduced it was Victor's tech
  • Following a non-confrontation (that was somewhat confrontational), the Four asserted that they could resolve the nanite-brain issue —> during this conversation, Sue turned down a job that Victor had offered her during her brain addled state.



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