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Dormammu was born in the dimension of the formless energy beings, the Faltine, and lived among them with his sibling, Umar. Dormammu and Umar broke from the traditions of the Faltine by gathering matter around themselves in order to increase their power. The Faltine found this intolerable and banished the siblings, but not until after they had murdered their father for attempting to reform them.

Dormammu and Umar took on physical form to explore the multiverse, entering the Dark Dimension and seducing its Mhuruuk leader, Olnar, into giving them sanctuary in return for aiding him in expanding his domain. They convinced Olnar to release the Mindless Ones and, in doing so, led to the slaughter of most of the Mhuruuk. Dormammu and Umar took control of the Dark Dimension, though Dormammu ultimately subjugated his sibling to his will and now rules the Dark Dimension alone.

Over the years, Dormammu has repeatedly attempted to break through the veils to the dimension of Earth, finding many suitable vessels among humanity. Though he has sometimes allied with gods such as Odin, it has always been in an attempt to gain a foothold in other dimensions so as to expand his power. He will always betray a pact or alliance if it suits his purpose. The cloak and boots worn by The Hood were a 'gift', a trap, to allow him to work through yet another agent on Earth. While Parker Robbins was not the intended recipient, Dormammu is satisfied with the result.

Dormammu continues to work toward breaking the veil between the Dark Dimension and Earth. He is capable of projecting himself into Earth's realm, appearing there as an attractive human male of middle years, with black hair and green eyes. He offers tempting amounts of power in return for little apparent cost, ever-increasing his influence in this realm.

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  • Dormammu's powers are many and nearly unlimited in their strength. He is at least equal to Odin in will and magic, more powerful than Lucifer or Agamotto. When bonded with his sister, Umar, he was once able to defeat Eternity itself and spawned a mirror reality in which he alone reigns supreme over all dimensions. Only his inability to fully penetrate the veils barring him from certain dimensions keeps him from being unstoppable in his quest for power. His powers are diminished and limited, though still terrifying, when he crosses over to dimensions such as the one containing Earth.
  • ASTRAL PROJECTION: Dormammu can be anywhere and appear to anyone at will, across all dimensions. His projection through the astral is unlimited though his actual movement of his matter or energies is somewhat limited by the veils.
  • BANISHING: Dormammu can banish any entity, or group of entities, from any realm he controls, with only a thought. He prefers to fight, to display his power, but it is only a whim.
  • BRILLIANCE: Dormammu is nearly omniscient. His intellect is vast and complex, as it must be in order for him to control entire dimensions.
  • DOMINION: Dormammu's power extends beyond the limitations of life and death. He is able to resurrect the dead with a thought. He can extend this power through his agents to bring them, or those they choose, back to life to carry out his will.
  • ENERGY MASTERY: Dormammu can draw on the energies of the entire Dark Dimension to power his abilities. This is marginally diminished when he is not in his own dimension. Dormammu can project energy in any form he desires, whether it is bolts of power, constructs, flames, or anything else he can imagine. More dangerously, he can bestow his energy in any proportion he wishes upon any living creature. This allows him to use vessels to carry out his work, subtly or not. Within his own dimension, he is able to transmute any matter to energy or energy to matter and create any object he desires with his thoughts.
  • FLAMES OF FALTINE: Dormammu is made of pure mystic energy, making him one with the very power sorcerers and gods might use to oppose him. The raw magic of his being is replenished and amplified by the psychic energies of his worshipers. He can take on any material size or shape he desires, as he is capable to transmuting himself into matter and back to energy at will.
  • IMMORTALITY: Dormammu never ages. He is always precisely as he wishes to be. He cannot be poisoned or sickened, injuries are irrelevant to a being of pure power. He can always reform himself or any part of his form that has been damaged.
  • SUPERHUMAN: In his humanoid form, when he walks among mortals, Dormammu has superhuman abilities in every physical respect. He is able to grapple with beings as powerful as The Hulk.
  • TRAVELER: Dormammu can create portals that allow him to move freely through all places within a dimension and between dimensions, limited only by the veils put in place to restrict those like him who would attempt to rule all worlds. In any form, he is capable of flight at speeds limited only by his desire to remain in material form. He can transport others and matter through his portals as he wills. It is possible that he is capable of time travel — there is no reason why not — but doing so would require immense exertion.


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