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Some folks simply aren't meant to be big shots in New York. For every Kingpin, there's a thousand grunts. For every mutant with fantastic powers, hundreds are just ordinary citizens. Doug is one of those who simply have to work around the super powered beings that populate the city. Born to a poor single mom in Hell's Kitchen with an older sister, Doug grew up with nobody really looking out for him or his sister. Like so many from that part of the city, Doug got involved in criminal behavior and gang violence at a young age, scrapping to try and hammer his way to the top of the totem pole. More than once, the police had to haul him home for some petty crime or other that he'd committed. When their mother died at age 14, Doug simply sunk lower into the seedy underbelly of the Kitchen, taking on more dangerous, but higher paying work to keep his sister from resorting to prostitution to keep them fed and clothed. Taking jobs from whoever needed a strong back and a good gun arm.

Thankfully for Doug, his sister managed to find love with a young man in high school, who managed to whisk her away to a nice suburb in Montana and away from all the terrible things in New York's underworld that Doug was now entrenched in. He never begrudged her for the move and was in fact glad to have her gone, safe from the dangers he'd run across in his time working for crime lords and super villains. Now, Doug simply lives day to day, job to job, tangling with the superheroes that aim to thwart the plans of his bosses and trying to climb the ranks of the various gangs, drug rings, and criminal empires that he does odd jobs for, one rung at a time. Though he has no plans to one day run New York's underbelly, he wouldn't mind carving out a piece of the pie for himself and hopefully living comfortably for the rest of his life…

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