Evan Peters
Evan Peters as Douglas Aaron Ramsey
Name: Douglas Aaron Ramsey
Birthdate: 08/01/1942
Faction: X-Men
Codename: Cypher
Position: Freelance Translator, Instructor: Languages, Language Theory, Computer Theory
Hometown: Salem Center, NY
Partner(s): …Warlock? Do you dare ask? Height: 5'9"
Father: Phillip Ramsey, Esq. Weight: 150 lb.
Mother: Sheila Ramsey Hair Color: Blond
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


IC Events


  • Doug considers his mutant power to be "Omnilinguistics," the ability to correctly interpret and respond to any form of communicative technique, auditory, physical, or written. This is because when his powers first manifested, that was what developed first. And so, this generally forms the core of his powerset. But Doug's real power is a specialized form of hypercognition, or enhanced intellect, one which may branch into the territory of metapsionics (he hasn't been tested for actual psionic potential). More specifically, his mutant power is pattern hyper-recognition and response.
  • As he's gotten older and his powers have grown, they have developed in a number of ways:
    • He can instantly comprehend and communicate in any language, written, verbal or physical, even ones he has not personally experienced before. Even if there is no linguistic root shared with human speech or no living frame of linguistic reference (such as the Voynich Manuscript or alien script) his ability to cognate and accurately translate information is measured in minutes. This even includes languages like binary.
    • Lip Read: Impeccably, as long as he can see the person's mouth.
    • ** Cold Read: Superhuman ability to accurately read nuance from a person's statements and their body language and gain additional information. 'She is unhappy to see that person', 'He is bluffing', and so on. Doug's ability to cold read can put the best (fraudulent) psychic to shame; it would take a liar whose ability to fib is itself actively superhuman (such as Loki, God of Tricksters) to actively bluff his powers.
    • Reality Disruption Sense: When the patterns of reality are disrupted, such as by transformative magic, dimensional rifts, or other abberations, Doug can pick up on the lingering disruption to the "language" of reality.
    • Pattern Reading: The ability to read the "language" of physical patterns or, more abstractly, the patterns of movement that makes up the day to day traffic of a large city; this leads to the ability to extrapolate structural weaknesses, the location of secret doors, or even the ability to detect the existence of disruptions in the pattern, such as traffic accidents or crimes underway. He tends to think of this as the "language" of objects or the "language" of the gestalt organism.
    • Component Determination: The ability to taste an object and mentally break down components and proportions that went into the creation fo the final item. Example: Tasting a muffin and then working the ingredients and relative proportions that compose the muffin.
    • Physical Response**: Physically, Doug is only an athletic human. His ability to read/respond, however, gives him the ability to respond to the physical actions of others in a manner that is almost precognitive, dramatically increasing his effectiveness in a fight (enhanced by his self-defense training at the Xavier's School) and making him a superb dancer, especially as part of a matched pair with someone else. He lags behind in that those with superhuman endurance, strength, speed and durability outmatch him.



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