Himself as Vlad Dracula
Name: Vlad Dracula
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: None
Codename: Dracula
Position: Vampire
Hometown: Transylvania
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'5"
Father: NA Weight: 220 lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: White
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Red
Children: NA


Vlad Tepes was once Voivode of Wallachia, beginning in 1448. During a conflict with the Turks, he was mortally injured and subsequently cursed by a gypsy — or so he thought — he was actually turned by a vampire living among them. His background closely follows the extensive Marvel canon background laid out here: http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Vlad_Dracula_(Earth-616).

Around the turn of the 20th century, Vlad was "destroyed" and his remains consigned to Hell. His followers continued to search for him and carried on his work on the mortal plane. The powers of Hell and the interference of some forces trapped there with him allowed him to restore himself. He made a pact with Cthon, in league with Morgan and Lilith, to open and maintain the Hellmouth. He was returned to Earth with Morgan and Lilith in the Fall of 1963 where he began to re-establish himself as a power on Earth.

IC Events


  • SORCERY: Dracula was a very powerful magician before he became a vampire and his skills have increased, as has his stamina, over the centuries. He has numerous spells at his command and is capable of learning more or casting directly from a book or scroll. He can enchant items, place wards and sigils, scry the past, present, or future, and summon demons.
    • FLIGHT: Dracula is capable of levitation-type flight in his human and mist forms, he can fly as a bat but significantly faster.
    • IMMORTAL: Dracula is functionally immortal. He does not age, nor can he become ill by any normal physical influences. He cannot be poisoned except by substances to which he is naturally vulnerable. He is capable of healing in days from a wound that would kill a normal human — faster, should he have access to fresh blood. He is, however, unable to regenerate limbs.
    • LORD OF VAMPIRES: If reduced to ash by fire or sunlight, he can recreate himself if his remains are placed in a coffin filled with his native soil. A stake will not kill him, he will be revived as soon as it is removed. Silver will cause him great pain, even place him in a death-like state, but he can be revived by removing the source of the ailment.
    • MIND CONTROL: Dracula can compel and attract vampires within a wide sphere of influence. Those he has bitten are empathically linked to him and have limited ability to resist, whether they have been turned to vampirism or left as human vassals. He is also capable of hypnotizing and compelling any person or creature with whom he makes eye contact.
    • SHAPESHIFTER: Dracula is able to change his shape and his mass within a specific set of forms other than his human shape: bat, rat, wolf, mist. He can also take on a shape that is a hybrid of human and any of those forms. He is able to communicate with and compel animals that share his natural forms.
    • SUMMONER: Dracula is able to call any undead, vampires, and animals that share any of his forms to him in a time of need. This requires focus proportionate to the range of his summoning. His reach can extend for miles, especially if he has had previous contact with those he summons.
    • VAMPIRIC FORM: Dracula's strength is approximately four times that of a peak human athlete, he is able to lift at least four tons under normal conditions. He has reflexes significantly faster than human and stamina allowing him to exert himself at a maximum for hours without tiring. He is exceptionally agile — able to dodge a bullet, should he see it coming. His fangs, sharp and strong enough to pierce metal, are designed so as to drain human blood effectively and, even in human form, his equally-hard nails can lengthen into claws.
    • VAMPIRISM: Dracula carries a vampiric component in his saliva and blood, as with all vampires. If he drains sufficient blood from a victim and injects them with his saliva, the victim will undergo a three-day transformation marked by symptoms ranging from severe illness to a death-like trance. New blood produced in their bodies contains the vampiric component which, starting from the bone marrow, spreads to all organs. Following this transformation, the victim takes on vampiric traits.
  • WEATHER MANIPULATION: Dracula has control over the weather by means of both his vampiric qualities and his sorcery. He can summon fogs, change the ambient temperature, draw storms, call down lightning, and more. His control of the elements and weather patterns is enough to do battle with Storm or Thor. Should he exert himself to the limit, however, he will be weakened afterward.



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