{$actor} as Alexander James Arknatar
Name: Alexander James Arknatar
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: N/A
Codename: Druid
Position: Protector of the Wilds
Hometown: London, England
Partner(s): NA Height: 5' 5"
Father: James Arknatar(Deceased?) Weight: 120 pounds
Mother: Emily Arknatar(Deceased?) Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Amelia Arknatar(Deceased?), Elizabeth Arknatar(Deceased) Eye Color: Yellowish Green
Children: NA


Alexander James Arknatar was born into a rich and rather noble English family. He was the youngest in the litter of three kids. His elder sisters Elizabeth and Amelia were both the picture of perfect daughters, and Alexander was the picture of a terrible son. At least in his father's eyes. Alexander was timid, shy, and small. Not at all a man like his old man.

Around the age of ten years old Alexander and his family went on a boat trip, they were going to see the famous America, his father had business there. But their ship was hit by a powerful storm that caused Alexander to become stranded on a small island, with just his eldest sister, Elizabeth. She was gravely injured, however. Alexander worked day and night to build shelter, get a fire going and get fresh water and food to his sister, trying his best to get her healthy so she could properly heal. However, it was all for naught, his sister would pass either way. But not before reigniting Alexander's burning desire to survive, to find his own happiness.

In the years to come on this lonely island, Alexander learned how to become in touch with the wilds. His powers a form of magic, divined from the closeness he has to the wild, primordial energies of the world.

Alexander survived on that island alone, for eight long years, before a ship landed there, a man by the name Archimedes arrived, a treasure hunter. Archimedes found his treasure on the island, and offered a place on his treasure hunting team for Alexander, now codenamed Druid. Druid went with it, deciding it was time to see the world, and maybe help people.

Now named Druid, Alexander traveled the lands for two years with Archimedes and his crew, learning his combat skills and how to use his powers in a more effective useage. As well as expanding his medical and healing potentials. But alas, all good things come to an end, another group of treasure hunters ended up killing all but Druid. Druid escaping by the hairs on his head.

IC Events


  • Shapeshifting: Limited shapeshifting, partial changing. Such as taking the eyes of a falcon, or the hardy scales of a lizard. Can only do animals the character is aware of.
  • Nature Speak: Allows wordless communication with plants and animals, requires touch to use.
  • Healing Touch: Can heal minor wounds and help speed up the damage of major wounds, extremely taxing to use.



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