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D'Spayre was manifested by the Dweller-in-Darkness from the horrific demise of Atlantis and Lemuria approximately 20,000 years before the present day. Since then, he ("it" for all practical purposes) has travelled space and time, gaining power, learning, feeding, and leaving destruction in his wake. He has ambitions — the more realms he influences, the more fear there is to feed him — and makes alliances and enemies as he marches through history.

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  • DEMONIC NATURE: D'Spayre has superhuman strength, stamina, and durability — even when physically manifested — thanks to his demonic origins.
  • TELEPORTATION: Like many demons, D'Spayre is capable of teleportation within a dimension or to other dimensions. He must know where he is going or be able to see it.
  • MAGIC: D'Spayre is capable of learning spells and wielding magic. Primarily, he simply draws on magical energies to create bolts of pure power, which he uses as offensive weapons. If he required magic for other purposes, he would learn it.
  • NOT OF THIS WORLD: D'Spayre is slightly out of synch with reality. He is intangible, ageless, and requires nothing to survive though he enjoys the fear of living creatures, upon which he feeds. So long as he is out of synch, he cannot suffer any physical harm.
  • TERROR: D'Spayre uses telepathy to understand his victims' deepest fears, then uses illusion and hallucination to bring those fears to life for them. This can be as simple as making a single person believe they are trapped with their worst nightmare to larger schemes that result in terror and horror for hundreds, even thousands, of people. His power is intimately linked to his voice, meaning his words must be heard in order for him to make first contact with a victim. However, this power can extend over mass media. Any form of communication that records, replicates, or translates his words will make the connection that allows him to access a victim's fears and impose his terrors upon them.


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