{$actor} as Raphael Duke
Name: Raphael Duke
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: NA
Codename: Duke
Position: Gardener. Healer. Chemist. Junk Dealer.
Hometown: Garden of Eden
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'0"
Father: NA Weight: 185#
Mother: NA Hair Color: black
Siblings: NA Eye Color: brown
Children: NA


Raphael Duke, chronic amnesiac ex-angel of unknown provenance, a gardener of strange things, a healer, an archer, and a traveller. He drives a sinister-looking de Ville convertible, in blue, with a pair of horns affixed to the hood. To the untrained eye, they look like a bull's horns. Closer inspection suggests they aren't from anything on Earth.

Raphael has no idea that he's an angel. He knows he's not normal, that his blood can heal people, that he can heal himself and others with the plants he cultivates both in the Other Garden and on Earth, that he has a weird knack for chemistry, that he's been dead before, that his car is possessed, and that he can see time. No, wait. That's just the drugs, that last one.

IC Events


  • ANGELLIC: Raphael was originally an angel and his essential self has not changed even though his holy abilities are gone.
    • BLESSED: Raphael can heal from injury within days, with the exception of his sacrifice. Regenerating limbs can take a year or more. Any pain relief will interfere with his ability to heal. Prayer — directed mental energy from another person — accelerates his healing. He is four times as strong as an average human and durable enough to withstand falling five stories or being hit by a car without significant injury. He has much less resistance to piercing/cutting/burning injuries. He can starve, die of thirst, freeze, and suffocate, among other things. He feels pain but can endure it because he doesn't experience it as a danger to his existence.
    • ETERNAL: Raphael is functionally immortal, outside of injury, because he doesn't age. If he's 'killed', he loses all his knowledge and his mortal body and starts over in the Sonoran desert with no knowledge and no memory at all, which is much the same as dying. He doesn't always make it out of the desert on the first try, which can hold him up for years.
    • SACRIFICE: Raphael's blood is a universal panacea and healer, his organs can't be rejected except by demons and undead. However, he suffers from the loss of his blood and organs and he loses his usual regenerative strength when he deprives himself this way — the power of his regeneration goes with his flesh when he makes that sacrifice until he heals at a human rate. He can 'die' this way. Raphael's blood can be diluted with water to feed his plants and enhance their qualities. Likewise, this forces him to regenerate blood normally.
    • OMNIGLOT: Raphael understands everyone and everyone understands him. He doesn't speak any one language though he has success — with effort — deliberately reproducing words in English since it's the common language around him at the moment. He could not write something in Korean or French, for example. He can write or speak with direction, though, specifically allowing his meaning to be understood by a single person or a group that has a common link or faith — that link does not always protect the message from being intercepted by opponents as they may still share the link somehow. Machine generated cyphers and computer programming are nearly impossible for him. His communication with animals is limited.
    • EDENIC: Raphael has an ancient connection to the Garden of Eden that allows him a deep, supernatural understanding of chemistry and biology, particularly the specialties of botany and pharmacology. He is capable of 'seeing' chemical structures and knowing how they will interact with human physiology.


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