{$actor} as Eisa Surtursdottir
Name: Eisa Surtursdottir
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Asgardians (sort of)
Codename: Firestorm
Position: Exiled Villain Seeking Redemption
Hometown: Vanaheim (birthrealm) and Asgard (banished home)
Partner(s): None Height: 6'2"
Father: Surtur of Muspelheim, eldest Fire Demon Weight: 450 lbs
Mother: Glod the Glowing, minor Vanir goddess of shining light and magic Hair Color: Fire Red
Siblings: Eimyrja (half-sister), Fire Demons (All descend from Surtur) Eye Color: Cat Green
Children: Possibly, not explicitly yet


Eisa Surtursdottir, aka Eisa the Demon Ember, aka Eisa Halfborn, aka Eisa the Firestorm, was once a terrible enemy of Asgard. A strong pyromancer and sorceress born of a Vanir seeress and the progenitor of fire demons, Surtur of Muspelheim, during the Aesir/Vanir War millennia ago. A half-demoness who hid her heritage and spent centuries spying on the court of Asgard after the end of the war, going on to wreak havok for centuries more as right hand of the demon after she was exposed as spy.

A villain who was captured nine centuries ago and found to have been under magical control of her father for millennia and, when freed of it, wished only for redemption. Odin granted her her life, but banished her to not set foot on Asgard again and since then, she's been travelling the realms, Midgard especially, under various guises, trying to do good enough, especially where it puts her in conflict with her father and his minions. Someday she might be forgiven. Someday even further, she might forgive herself.

The innocuous counter-culture proto-Ren Faire organizer and Greenwich Village jeweler named Isabel Sur isn't anyone most would associate with either Eisa Surtursdottir or Firestorm, but then, that's the purpose of secret identities.

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  • Mixed Heritage: By virtue of being the child of a minor Vanir goddess and the eldest fire demon of Muspelheim, Eisa has various innate capabilities.
    • Vanir: From her mother's side, she inherited Asgardian longevity, immunity to normal disease and poison, accelerated healing and regeneration of limbs (though not heads!), superhuman stamina, density, reflexes and speed, and some of her durability and strength. As well as the Allspeak ability to understand and speak all languages.
    • Fire Demon: From her father she inherited a strength above average female Asgardians, able to lift upwards of 30 tons, durability enough to resist even high-caliber bullets and some blows from even mighty Asgardian strength, an immunity to almost all flame and heat, a prehensile tail and searing hot goring horns (mostly hidden with illusion), a mind that holds natural elemental alien-ness that can be difficult to breach and understand, and a connection to the living flame within her blood, letting her project fire or heat as an aura or blast, hot enough to harm even Asgardian flesh.
  • Sorcery: Her mother was a seidr veleda (seeress) while her father was a being of cosmic power some say equal to Odin, and she trained under both in magic, as well as various other sorcerers through the millennia. She's not on par with Loki, Karnilla, or Amora, but she's most certainly a strong sorceress in her her areas of focus.
    • Pyromancy: Her strongest and fastest magic, allowing her control over flame of all forms. She can create, spread, grow, and shape it however she wills, solidifying it into solid structures (both deadly hot and only stinging) or weapons (commonly trident and whip). She can animate it with a simple demonic will to act as temporary minions. She can use it to propel her in subsonic flight like a jet. She can even temporarily transform herself into a gigantic semi-tangible being of living flame (very draining).
    • Defensive: Her second strongest magic is defensive. Temporary or focused long term shields or protections, dispellation of other magic or interruption of magical attacks, or wardings against the entry (or escape) of particular beings or forces. She also is very good at veiling her demonic nature and magic from mystical senses and blocking scrying of her her locations when she wishes, talent born of years as a spy in Asgard.
    • Miscellaneous: Aside from her combat and protective magic, she's fairly capable at various other forms of sorcery, most prominently divination learned from her mother, allowing viewing or reading auguries (often confusingly jumbled) of past, present, or future. She's moderately able with teleportation, dimensional travel (extremely draining), summoning, illusion (most practiced that which hides her true form or grants temporary invisibility), temporary infusion of power or luck into beings or objects, and basic astral travel. She's capable of darker magics of possession, mind control, and necromancy, but stays away from them now. She's got only the basest capability of healing, mentalism, transmutation, and manipulation of non-fire energies other than simple raw eldritch bolts that she falls back upon when fire fails.


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