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Elliot Samuels was born in upstate New York in 1932, the only son of a carpenter who married his high-school sweetheart. Elliot's father served in the Pacific in the second World War, and returned home to find his wife had cheated on him with their neighbour, and left with his son to New York, where they settled in Brooklyn when Elliot was thirteen. Elliot was drafted to be sent to Korea in 1952, but by the time he had finished his basic training the armistice was declared, and he avoided having to actually go to the front lines. He returned home to New York, and trained to become a firefighter, meeting his wife to be in 1954, and fathering a son, Matthew, in 1956. After discovering that his wife was cheating on him with a co-worker, Elliot filed for divorce. She kept the child, the house, and most of their worldly possessions, while Elliot had to move into the fire station. Now he only gets to see his son on weekends. At least he got to keep the dog.

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  • Human: Elliot is a perfectly ordinary caucasian male human, with no supernatural qualities whatsoever. This gives him the benefit of being able to do pretty much whatever he wants, whenever he wants, within the bounds of both physical and man-made laws. He is in good physical condition, and can lift about twice his own body weight, with effort, run a mile in about four and a half minutes if he pushes himself, and hold his breath for up to 45 seconds. Bullets will kill him, as will a baseball bat to the back of the skull. He bruises and bleeds like anyone else. His blood type is AB+, and he'd like to keep as much of it inside him as possible, unless he's donating it. If something out of the ordinary doesn't get him first, he'll probably live to the age of about 75.


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