Adrien Brody, a short, young, long-haired version
Adrien Brody, a short, young, long-haired version as Elmo Rosencrantz
Name: Elmo Rosencrantz
Birthdate: Feb 9, 1945
Faction: X-ternals
Codename: Sparkplug
Position: Chief Electrician
Hometown: Lower East Side
Partner(s): {$partner} Height: 5'4"
Father: Pop Rosencrantz Weight: 115
Mother: Ma Rosencrantz Hair Color: brown
Siblings: Naomi and Rachel Eye Color: brown
Children: None


Elmo is a Jewish kid from the Lower East Side, who early on discovered a gift for things mechnical and electric. His parents are refugees who fled Germany to New York, leaving their well-off situation there for poverty in the US.
They wanted him to be a rabbi, but instead he got entrepenurial and started venturing out to liberate (via scavenging or outright thieving) stuff he could turn into other stuff. That generated a lot of conflict between him and his family.
They didn't exactly kick him out when he was arrested for jabbing a bully with a homemade shock prod, but after he came home from juvenile detention, he didn't feel all that welcome. So he left, got work as a mechanic, and started building stuff in earnest.
He hasn't caught the eye of any superpower recruiter yet, but surely it's only a matter of time.


  • Electricity- Elmo can control, store, and redirect electricity. He can store enough on his own to give a shock approximately like a taser. With equipment, though, he can easily give a lethal shock. Until the juice runs out, anyway. Without equipment, he can reach about 10 yards. With, more like 50 yards, but the power goes down as it goes further.
  • Mad Science- He builds stuff. Weird stuff. Stuff that shouldn't work, but does. Sometimes, it doesn't work how he wanted it to. Less often, it works way better. Let the dice be the judge. Higher-quality and exotic materials let him build more successfully.
  • Animism- With a big enough push of electricity, Elmo can power machines he didn't create and even, to a degree, make them do things. Nothing that they can't do normally—a car could go, but not, say, drive up a wall. The control he has over this ability vanishes when the machine goes outside his range. At that point, it might keep going, depending on how big a slug of power it got, or it might sputter out. Or it might start acting REALLY odd.
  • Genius- Like being like rly rly smart.


Obscene Rock 'n' Roll Music

The Reviews Are In! Here's What The Critics Are Saying About Elmo!

"…this insolent little whelp. Just a smudge of a man." —Morbius
"…some little baby man who ain't tall enough to be talkin' smack." —Jebediah
"I got munchkin jokes, an Gulliver's travels, an' mole people jokes…Man I been savin up for Hanukkah to come around so you can have 8 days of lovingly crafted harassment." —JP
"Don't watch my ma walk away. What's the matter with you?" —Vitale
"…he is *three* feet tall, smells like static electricity and math." —Also Jebediah


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