Michael Fassbender
Michael Fassbender as Erik Magnus Lensherr
Name: Erik Magnus Lensherr
Birthdate: 05/22/1931
Faction: X-Men
Codename: Magneto
Position: Master of Magnetism
Hometown: Nuremberg, Germany
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'0"
Father: Jakob Lensherr (deceased) Weight: 185lbs
Mother: Edie Lensherr (deceased) Hair Color: Auburn
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blue
Children: Lorna, Wanda, Pietro


At age 9, Erik was forced to live in the death camp Auschwitz during the Holocaust. When first incarcerated with his family, Erik pulled apart a metal gate as he was separated from his parents. Seeing this, a Nazi collaborator and secret mutant had Erik brought to him, seeking to exploit this superhuman ability. His mother, Edie, was used as motivation, and when she was killed, Erik tore apart the lab in horror.

He was then tortured over the next several years in an attempt to draw out the boy's mutant powers. Following the conclusion of World War II, Erik spent years trying to find his mother's killer and exact vengeance, murdering other Nazis along the way.

During this time, he also began studying physics, learning everything he could about magnetism. His hunt for knowledge that could be used in concert with his mutant ability became just as much an obsession as the hunt for his mother's murderer.

It was during this hunt that he met Charles Xavier, who was working with the CIA at the time. The two became close friends and talked often about their desire to make the world a better place for mutants. The pair eventually formed what came to be referred to as the X-Men.

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  • Magnetokinesis: Magneto has comprehensive control over all forms of magnetism and utilizes that control to manipulate ferrous metals and achieve a variety of effects. The scale at which he operates is directly related to the effort he is able to put into the feat, and larger scale feats require more time to operate. At present, his maximum range of operation is two square miles, but the upper limits of his ability have yet to be tested. Moreover, he can use his magnetic powers in more than one way simultaneously.
  • Magnetic Armor: Magneto can reinforce the metallic fibers of his uniform with magnetic fields, making his clothing like armor with a durability approaching adamantium.
  • Magnetic Flight: Magneto is capable of sustaining flight for very long distances and at varying speeds.


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