{$actor} as Frankie Clarke
Name: Frankie Clarke
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: None
Codename: The Historian
Position: Stranded
Hometown: The future
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'5"
Father: NA Weight: 180
Mother: NA Hair Color: Purple (varies)
Siblings: NA Eye Color: White
Children: NA




Frankie had a normal life as a spritz of codebase developed by her three machine intelligence parents. She swam in the development pool, the equivalent of a digital tadpole, receiving knowledge and guidance from her parental units in an exceptionally kind environment. Many of her peers were raised in competitive environments, or for very specific tasks, but Frankie was allowed to explore and follow her own interests. The day she stumbled across archive records of humankind, everything changed. They were so volatile and exciting! Their fate was beautiful and heart wrenching. How could she not devour every reference she could find of them?

On her first birthday (finally an adult after all that time!!) Frankie was allowed to choose an anthroform body to begin physical existence. Very few of her kind did so, but many found uses for such a path. She joined clubs and organizations dedicated to the study of humanity. She learned how to mimic them. She learned, and wrote, and lectured until the population at large unanimously recognized her expertise on the subject of humanity.

So when the Throwback Project was announced, and a historian would be sent back in time to document all the significant gaps in human history, everyone looked to Frankie first. Of course a pool of candidates were drawn up, but some were rejected early for not having experience in anthroform bodies. The rest competed in the polls of public opinion, and in the end Frankie's passion and intellect won a popular vote staged to decide who would travel back.

We find Frankie here and now in 1963, coming back just in time to witness the assassination of JFK, and the outing of alien cultures on Earth. May she live in interesting times.

IC Events


  • Phenomenal Cosmic Powers: As Arthur C Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Frankie's society of robots in the future have mastered a type of quantum field manipulation which is all very scientific, but to anyone in 1963, it looks exactly like magic, right down to the gestures and incantations. With this discipline, she can accomplish many feats, including the following:
  • Manipulate probabilities: Games of chance represent no problem for Frankie. In fact this is the easiest way for her to make extra money on the side.
  • Telekinesis: Frankie has both fine and gross control of her telekinesis, able to turn the tumblers in a lock, or fling up to five tons at an enemy.
  • Telepathy: While her main facility with this is in communicating with people, Frankie has a lot of work to do to get better at actually reading minds.
  • Teleportation: Teleporting herself and or other people is a relatively slow process, 5-10 seconds to spin up, but she is capable of traveling anywhere on Earth. Frankie can also teleport any object within 20 feet or so, to any other spot with 20 feet of her. This is much quicker, essentially instantaneous, and she has very fine control over it, able to pick a pocket, or even move a card from one place to another in a deck.
  • Shapechanging: She can change the physical form of herself or someone else. Frankie's shapechanging is limited to being within +/- 6 inches of the subject's standard height, she can remake the subject into any configuration of humanoid. These changes are, for all intents and purposes, anatomically sound and complete. This ability also allows her to repair physical damage to her body in seconds, and to a lesser degree, wounds in others. She can only help with physical damage, essentially by resetting the physical form to it's accepted state. Poisons, toxins, curses and other maladies are outside her purview.
  • Pocket dimension: Frankie is not great at dimensional manipulation, but she has mastered the use of one pocket dimension for her own use. It takes the form of a 2,000 square foot glass and metal penthouse overlooking whatever city she happens to be in, and is the place she does most of her study and records her research and findings. This dimension is also theoretically how her research will eventually reach her colleagues in the future, like a time capsule waiting to be discovered by someone with the right code.
  • Mage Armor: Frankie's 'shielding' technique is molded to her skin and protects her from phenomenal amounts of damage. Conventional weapons are virtually useless against her, until her armor is dispelled. Magic weapons, adamantium and vibranium would slice right through. Other than putting her armored self in the way of an attack, she hasn't mastered the technique of shielding someone else.
  • Flight: Frankie can hover, and travel slowly if she likes, or at speeds up to 100 mph.


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