Lightning Lad
{$actor} as Garth Ranzz AKA "Garth Rand"
Name: Garth Ranzz AKA "Garth Rand"
Birthdate: 11/10/2940
Faction: None (Formerly Legion of Superheroes)
Codename: Lightning Lad
Position: Freelancer? (Former Legionnaire)
Hometown: "Kansas" (The planet Winath)
Partner(s): No Comment Height: 6'2"
Father: Luke Rand (Luc Ranzz) Weight: 190lbs
Mother: Perl Rand (Perla Ranzz) Hair Color: Red
Siblings: None (Ayla and Mekt Ranzz) Eye Color: Blu
Children: None


IC Events


  • Electrokinesis: Garth is capable of generating electricity within his own body as well as absorbing external sources without causing harm to himself. This electricity can be accurately discharged several ways:
    • Bolts: The standard lightning bolt travels at a speed of 10,0000 mph, and can reach temperatures of 60,000F, hot enough to fuse materials. Unobstructed, a bolt can travel up to 10 miles, but cannot pass through a solid, grounding material.
    • Shocks/Stun: Toning it down, Garth can control the output to a harmless electrical static shock, or an incapacitating stun.
    • Flashes: Able to dispurse the electricity into a bright flash of light rather than a destructive force. Garth can manipulate the light effect into a range from a rain of sparks to blinding displays, or even rough letters.
    • Speed Bursts: He's not as practiced with this use, but if Garth internalizes his power, he can move at superhuman speed for short bursts of time. His top speed is 1/3 the speed of light. It's exhausts him for a time.
    • Weather: In exceptionally limited instances, Garth has displayed a limited control of weather by manipulating charges, heat and output.
  • Battery Life: Garth can use himself as a conduit. If someone can get him to sit still long enough to do it. It takes a bit more tact and concentration than he's often willing to use and has a tendency to overload things.
  • Where the Sun Don't Shine: The difference between Garth and true lightning is that he is able to carry and manipulate this electricity in non-terrestrial environments.


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