The Accuser
Marpessa Dawn
Marpessa Dawn as Hala the Accuser
Name: Hala the Accuser
Birthdate: 09/12/1578
Faction: Centauri Accuser Corps
Codename: The Accuser
Position: Kree Accuser
Hometown: Hala
Partner(s): None Height: 7'4"
Father: Veldan Weight: 270 lbs.
Mother: Kyourr Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Forgotten Eye Color: White
Children: NA


Born on the Kree homeworld of Hala, the Accuser who took the planet as her namesake doesn't speak of her beginnings. They were humble, forgettable, and unworthy of memory. All there is for Hala is patriotic fervour. Then — in the past — she devoted herself with rigorous singleminded purpose to join the Accuser Corps, enduring terrible hardship and testing. Upon her successful admission to the Corps training academy, she demanded the right to another name and became Hala at graduation.

Her postings took her throughout the Kree Empire. In a century of hard service, she proved herself the ideal of an Accuser: ruthless, direct, lawful, and disciplined. Superiors approved of her constant strive to improve herself even if many of those writing grudging reports fell in time to her ambition. Hala has killed and found no remorse doing what is right. The Supreme Intelligence directs and the Accusers act. It is the right way.

A falling out with another Accuser forced her to another posting, one considered a disgrace: Alpha Centauri. The Centaurians had not been wiped out after the Supreme Intelligence's directives. With her ships and limited resources, the best Hala was able to do was confine their influence from Kree ruins and monitor events. That was, until Earth called… and well, she sees her way to favour under Ronan and the Supreme Intelligence by bringing this reckless little planet into the fold.

IC Events

  • 1964
    • December: Accompanies Ronan to the United Nations at the invitation of the Non-Aligned Countries. Ronan warns them to deal with the Skrull, who have contrived aggression between the Kree Empire and Earth. The Inhumans are indirectly named.
    • November: Kree monitor events from Mars.
    • October: The Toliman sector force arrives at Sol and conducts deep network sweeps. An Inhuman strike force led by Blackagar Boltagon (Black Bolt) and Triton Mander-Azur (Triton) accidentally transport to the Kree mothership. She offers a 24-hour stay to confirm Inhuman claims. A diplomatic resolution is struck with Blackagar.
    • September: The Kree do a number of (redacted plot information) things you don't get to know about yet.
    • August: Hala receives transmissions from XORRAR-15 (Penglai) on Terra-3 noting the Huran Protocols were initiated due to a nuclear attack. After long range scans turn up a credible threat, she summons the Centaurian Accuser Corps and launched a research mission to Sol.
  • 1943
    • Hala is stationed to Alpha Centauri.


  • Kree Physiology: As a blue-skinned Kree, Hala benefits from physical attributes highly superior to humans. She can lift approximately 15 tons comfortably. This increases to 40 tons wearing her enhanced armour. Her density is twice as high as a human of similar size. Her durability allows her to weather blunt force trauma well beyond human abilities, survive falls from great heights with minimal damage, and shrug off most gunshots or melee weapons.
  • Reduced Toxicity: Her resistance to terrestrial toxins, diseases, and poisons is fairly high due to her highly augmented genetics and multiple organs. Exceptions are those poisons which would affect sentient plants.
  • Reaction Times: As a female blue-skinned Kree, she has a powerful danger sense that alerts her to personal dangers. This only applies to herself, not threats to others.
  • Hala has special genetic augmentations that give her reaction times on par with the greatest mortal martial artists. She can see bullets in mid-flight, dodging them if she is aware. With significant concentration she can enter a zen-like zone where her reaction times are sped up two factors beyond that of a peak human, allowing her to move through combat with unearthly speed. Bystanders might simply see men start falling in a few blinks of an eye as she crosses the field. The trade off is the amount of energy this requires is draining and she can't sustain it for more than a few minutes at a time.
  • Mental Conditioning: Kree Accusers endure rigorous practice that makes them difficult to mentally control or suggest using mundane or supernatural powers. Hala is hard to psychically control. Such powers have limited efficacy. She strongly resists any actions that would harm the Kree Empire, herself, or her ship.



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