Rufus Sewell
Rufus Sewell as Halgrim Lindqvist
Name: Halgrim Lindqvist
Birthdate: September 1, 1923
Faction: N/A
Codename: Fjorskar
Position: Adjunct Faculty/Lecturer, joint appointment with the Depts. of Archaeology and Anthropology, Columbia University
Hometown: Uppsala, Sweden
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'1
Father: NA Weight: ~190 lbs.
Mother: Kajsa Lindqvist Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Sigrún Tjäder, Joakim Lindqvist Eye Color: Dark brown
Children: NA


Halgrim was a seasoned field Archaeologist working his way to a curatorship at a Museum when things went awry during a dig in Northern Norway. He was part of a modest team of four which had been sent to excavate and catalogue a putative burial mound. Unfortunately, what they found inside the mound wasn't what they expected: the enormous skeleton of some kind of beast was strewn about, and the remains of a human arm, long desiccated, sat trapped in the lid of a stone chest. Halgrim was the unfortunate individual who opened the chest, and so was the one possessed by the amulet-bound spirit within. The spirit transformed Halgrim into an enormous chimeric beast (part wolf, part dragon, part ram, and part raven) which proceeded to slaughter his fellow archaeologists. He awoke the following day to find himself wearing the amulet and covered in their blood, with no memory of what had happened. When the local authorities found him wandering towards the closest town, he was unable to explain himself, and nearly catatonic. The claw and teeth marks on his colleagues seemed to point to a bear attack, and without his memory he initially agreed with that assessment. But as time passed from the incident, he realized he couldn't remember where the amulet had come from, nor could he rid himself of it; any attempt to turned him back into the beast.

Worse still, none of the staff or students at the university seemed to trust him anymore, and for no discernible reason other than the supposed bear attack. He found it impossible to be among his peers; the ones who didn't rudely ask about the incident would stare when he walked by, and whisper behind his back. Even the students began to.

So he left for the US, accepting a teaching position at Columbia University for a pittance of a salary simply because they could get him a visa and out of the country. Here he hopes to determine what happened to him without the weight of others' judgment constantly on his mind.

IC Events


  • Torn Heart: Halgrim's amulet contains a powerful spirit which is possessing him. When he's particularly stressed (angry, in danger/fearing for his life, etc.), this spirit can take over and transform him into a enormous chimeric beast. The beast is a bipedal wolf-man with a ram's horns, hard, chitnous scales under its fur, feathers in a mantle on its ruff, and enormous claws on his hands and feet. The beast's scales give it a sturdy hide to withstand powerful blows—it'll take more than a few bullets to bring it down. Its horns are strong enough to break concrete given enough speed; its claws are sharp enough to rend average metals, and its teeth can pierce numerous forms of man-made armor.
  • Charge: The beast can rush forward in a burst of speed, either to break holds or to ram into something (preferably with its horns). This ability can't be used often; maybe twice at the most during a transformation.
  • The Moon Which Breaks the Night: The beast's howl can inflinct the minds of those who hear it with overwhelming terror if they're not strong-willed enough. This requires a fair amount of concentration to do, and the beast can only perform it once or twice during a transformation. The closer the victim is the stronger and longer the effect, but by 30 yards the effect is negligible (unless the victim is particularly prone to panicking). Being out of visual range of the beast also significantly reduces the effect, as does sound dampening (eg. covering ears, headphones with loud music, etc.).
  • In the Air Tonight: The beast's sense of smell and hearing is acutely strong, and its eyesight is similarly keen, particularly at tracking small movements.
  • Nevermore: In either form (human or beast) Halgrim has an incredible memory for the things that form experiences, and is insightful in surprising and unexpected ways.


Howl - Florence and the Machine
A man who's pure of heart and says his prayers by night may still become a wolf when the Autumn moon is bright
Bury It - Chvrches
Cover up that you're ruthless, nobody's every going to notice, and I am catching on, and I am seeing in red
Valkyrie: Bloodshed, Lacuna, Atonement - Varien
Monsters slip inside our souls, waiting to come alive
Friction - Imagine Dragons
You can't fight the friction, you can't take the pressure, don't tell me to be strong
Hell Above Water - Curve
I think I'm ready to kill, the next person who doesn't fit
Saltkin - Purity Ring
Into a bright bound sea-surrounded fury, our bodies will return
The Weapon - Rush
He's not afraid of your judgment, he knows of horrors worse than your Hell - he's a little bit afraid of dying, but he's a lot more afraid of your lying
Human - Of Monsters and Men
If I lose control, I feed the beast within, cage me like an animal, a crown of gems and gold



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