The Hood
Himself as Parker Robbins
Name: Parker Robbins
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: NA
Codename: The Hood
Position: Thief
Hometown: NA
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'10"
Father: NA Weight: 165 lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Brown
Children: NA


Parker had an uneventful childhood but the absence of his father and the grinding poverty that sickened his mother left him bitter and cynical. After high school, realizing that the world held nothing for him, he turned to a life of crime to help pay his mother's medical bills.

A cousin put him on to a warehouse full of goods but, when he got there, Parker found nothing but signs of magical activity, like a seance. He was attacked by a shadowy figure wearing a red cloak and boots. He shot and killed the thing, which disappeared, leaving nothing but the cloak and boots behind. With nothing else to take, Parker grabbed them and ran, disappointed again.

On the way home, Parker was mugged and rolled for his shoes and wallet. Strangely, the muggers didn't notice Parker's stolen items, or maybe they just thought them of no value. Parker put the boots on, surprised how well they fit, and wrapped himself in the cloak against the gathering cold. Through a series of small accidents, and trial and error, Parker discovered what the cloak and boots could do. In dreams, when he fell asleep wearing the cloak, he became aware of Dormammu and they began to understand each other.

Since then, Parker has embarked on a bold life of crime that spans years and continents. He commits crimes for profit but also just for fun. When he returns to New York, it will be to settle down and start a crime family all his own.

IC Events


  • MAGIC: Parker is capable of learning and using magic. At present, he has a few useful little spells that he's taught himself out of a tome he stole while searching for goods to sell. More significant for his potential than for its present usefulness.
  • THE HOOD: Parker stole a hooded cloak and a pair of boots while on a burglary job. The boots are plain old magic while the cloak, The Hood, allows the Faltine mage Dormammu to gain partial possession of Parker's body and soul in exchange for some neat tricks. At first, Parker had to hold his breath to make the magic happen but he's since learned to relax and enjoy the benefits of a little possession.
    • AIR WALK: The boots allow Parker to walk on air as though he were on solid ground. Anywhere he places a foot, there he has a foothold. While wearing the boots, a normal amount of gravity draws him down toward the sole of the boots, no matter where he places them so long as he focuses even a little on his footing.
    • BLAST: Parker cannot consciously control this burst of power, it comes through him as a last ditch effort if he is about to die or lose the cloak in a struggle. Dormammu himself takes over and uses Parker as a conduit to blast away any interference with his creature and his cloak.
    • CLEAR VISION: Parker cannot be influenced by visions or any other magic or technology that obscures the true nature of the thing so long as he wears the cloak. It is even possible for him to see Skrulls for what they are.
    • DORMAMMU'S GIFTS: When fully possessed, Parker's physical attributes extend beyond peak human. He is not invulnerable or superhuman but he is exceptionally fast, strong, and durable. As soon as Dormammu no longer needs him, the gifts disappear and he is left exhausted.
    • INVISIBILITY: What it says on the tin, and a little extra. Parker cannot be detected by any senses, magic, or technology when he wears the cloak and wants to disappear. Possibly this is has to do with some form of interference or semi-existence brought about by his partial possession by Dormammu. Parker is present, however. He can be run into, tripped over, or shot, among other things.
    • RESURRECTION: Much like the blast, this is outside Parker's control. If Dormammu allows it, Parker can resurrect the dead while wearing the cloak. It would have to be a special occasion, though.
    • TERRIFYING VISAGE: When Dormammu takes over completely, Parker no longer looks human. At first, his face is horrifying and toothy with glowing red eyes, then it progresses to a head of full flame revealing the shadowy form of a monstrous bare skull within.



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