Ianos the Grey Sage
David Attenborough
David Attenborough as Ianos Lampadis
Name: Ianos Lampadis
Birthdate: April 5
Faction: Inhumans
Codename: Ianos the Grey Sage
Position: Sage
Hometown: Attilan
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'9"
Father: Caerus Weight: 155 lbs.
Mother: Portumna the Librarian Hair Color: White
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Blue
Children: NA


Ianos Lampadis is the latest in a long line of Inhuman scholars devoted to preserving the Grey Book, a series of excerpts from the Codex Regius (also known as the Codex of the Inhuman Kings and Queens). His family was not of great birth, though his mother experienced terrigenesis as an amanuensis, able to convert thoughts and ideas into precise written transcription or data files. As such he grew up around the libraries and schools.

Recognized as a scholar of great acumen and introspection, he was selected young as a student to the Magisters. Ianos applied himself diligently to his work. He served as a clerk and scribe, copyist, and data technician. He came late to terrigenesis, at close to age 27, by which time his path seemed quite clear to serve the library into old age. That was before they realized he had the extraordinarily rare gift to dreamwalk.

Ianos ended up assigned under a demanding mentor, one of the hidden Grey Sages. Not long into King Myran's reign 7000 years ago, the Order of Grey Sages went underground to preserve especially noteworthy information about Kree-Inhuman history. The order was thought lost when Myran moved Attilan from the North Atlantic. His mentor, Portunus, was the latest sage and deemed Ianos' role invaluable in service to Attilan. He spent years as an apprentice, painstakingly memorizing the work and exploring lost places, being more of an active archaeologist than living a quiet life. When Portunus died, he assumed the role of a senior sage for Europe, stationed in Scotland to watch over the European and North African ruins.

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  • Inhuman Physiology: Ianos has superior strength, stamina, durability, reflexes, and dexterity to a peak human, adjusted for his advancing age. Think of him as Captain America +1.
  • Astral Projection: Ianos can project an astral version of himself into a subject's dreams or the astral plane. The recipient doesn't require psychic abilities to interact with him, and psychics or mystics with mental resistance can detect/resist his intrusions. Dreamwalking requires the target to be asleep.
  • During astral projection, his physical body remains behind, capable of maintaining autonomous functions but otherwise vulnerable. After 30 hours unattended, it begins to deteriorate from lack of nourishment. He is unaware of any threats unless the damage is sufficient to interrupt his powers. He returns to his body with limited conscious effort.
  • His astral form moves rapidly through the astral realm. It cannot be perceived in the 'real world' without magic or psychic abilities. Lacking a physical presence, it cannot interact with objects or move. Ianos has comparable strength, speed, and agility to his body when in the astral realm. He can communicate normally using any language he knows with other denizens.
  • In a dream realm, Ianos can reshape his appearance completely. He can modify the environment of the dream to suit his whims, fashioning buildings, objects, and people wholecloth. None of these are real and exist outside the dreamer's mind. Attempting to subvert the dreamer's natural personality or wrest control is by consent only and difficult for him. The dreamer can unconsciously reshape their own dream.
  • Ianos is ejected from a dreamscape if the dreamer awakens. If he's on the astral plane and ejected by a greater force, he returns immediately to his body.



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