{$actor} as Irmgard Wulfheim
Name: Irmgard Wulfheim
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Asgard
Codename: Irmgard
Position: The Mender
Hometown: Asgard
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'8"
Father: Frost Giant Weight: 175lbs
Mother: Eir Hair Color: Blond
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Blue
Children: NA


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IC Events


  • Aesir: Irmgard is the daughter of Eir. She inherited all that being an Asgardian Deity entails, from the drastically reduced aging, the superhuman physiology, access to the bifrost, allspeak and all the way to the obligation of peerage.
  • Half Frost Giant: Irmgard was born of the union of an Aesir and a Frost Giant. It's an interesting combination, but it allows certain traits to manifest. For one, a frost giant's blood courses through her veins and she doesn't find cold to be a bother. Extreme levels of cold still pose a problem, as would say someone freezing her. Additionally, her endurance and strength seem supernatural even for Aesir thanks to the Frost Giant swimming around inside her.
  • Life Sense: Inherited from her mother, Irmgard can sense dying beings around her. As long as a thing is considered to be sentient and alive, if it then begins to pass away she can sense this change. Much like the Valkyrie can sense a death, except she can prevent deaths by sensing the impending event.


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