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At 18, Jackson Higgins hasnt had time to accumulate a vast amount of experience, but what hes had has mostly taught him that life is good. As a kid he was born to wealthy parents. His dad, Jonathan, and mom, Joanna, were both from wealthy families. Jonathan ran a pharmaceutical company and, with his familys fortune, was able to provide very well for his family.

Jackson grew up in Radnor, Pennsylvania, a wealthy suburb of Philadelphia, where he wanted for nothing. His education was top notch, going to private schools and having tutors whenever he needed to study a more difficult subject. He had many friends and played on at least one sport team every season.

His success and wealth, even if he didnt realise he was wealthy, gave him a wonderful self esteem and huge amounts of confidence. Not everything was easy for him, but he could seem to attain everything he set his mind to. By high school he was very popular and was on track to attending Yale, like his parents before him.

And then he suddenly became too good. During an intense wrestling match he suddenly found himself easily overpowering his opponent. Thinking hed hurt the other kid he relaxed only to find his competitor struggling vainly to move him. Jackson got the pin easily but realised that everyone was staring at him. It took a few moments for him to realise that something was wrong, but he had trouble processing it.

In short, everyone watching realised that Jackson was far too strong and quick rather suddenly. People were scared of him. He couldnt fully process what had happened until, as he was being lead away by his father, someone in the crowd whispered, "Mutant."

Jackson became despondent. His parents forced him to drop out of school and talked about sending him to a military academy or boarding school so that hed be hidden away. After all, his mutant episode had even made it into the local newspaper. At his eighteenth birthday a trust fund long ago established by his parents kicked in and he left home.

Since then hes been wandering, rather lonely, until he hear talk of a mutant town in New York. Not necessarily wanting to be known publically as a mutant, he found himself drawn in that direction, even if its mostly out of morbid curiosity at the moment. Or maybe hes seeking a new place to belong and cant admit it to himself.

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  • Superior Physicality: Jackson is physically beyond human in terms of his physical capabilities. Hes stronger, faster, tougher, possesses better balance and senses and heals more quickly than any unpowered individual. Currently, he performs at about one hundred fifty percent of what the greatest athletes in the world can manage and recovers from physical injuries within days where it might take others weeks or months. He can deadlift about fifteen hundred pounds, sprint forty miles an hour and run a marathon and still be ready to run another without a break in between.


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