Vicki Zhao
Vicki Zhao as Janie Wu
Name: Janie Wu
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: N/A
Codename: Fashion
Position: Seamstress
Hometown: New York City
Partner(s): none Height: 4feet 11 1/16th inch
Father: deceased Weight: {$weight}
Mother: deceased Hair Color: brown-black
Siblings: none Eye Color: brown
Children: none


Janie was born to chinese immigrants in 1945, and they worked hard to support her at best they could. Her mother worked in a dry cleaner, her father working in the butchery. Growing up in chinatown was pretty decent, but even with the double income it was just enough to live for the three of them. Then came the April of 1960, when they managed to get enough money together to buy a brand new ford. However, the same week the whole family ended in a car crash with a truck, both parents getting crushed while Janie barely escaped with her life for she sat on the backseat. After staying in Hospital for a few days, state care took over and placed her in Westport Orphanage as no blood relative could be found.

Life in Westport was as close to hell as Janie could imagine: while getting some schooling, the caretakers were more interested in crushing the dreams of the kids and earning herself a decent ammount by renting out the elder ones towards very specific companies as cheap workers. Facing mutilation as punishment and to break her will, Janie was pushed to work in a clothing factory for just a very tiny pocket money. At least, to her luck she liked working with cloth and she did save up most of that little money for the next two years.

When Janie left the Westport Orphanage, she carried with her the 'generous' 1000 dollars she had saved up. All this and a sizeable loan she invested into starting off her very own small boutique, opening it in a small, run down block on the northern edge of Chinatown. It does work out for now, but who can read the future?

IC Events


  • Mistress of the Loom: Fashion has the mutant ability to manipulate the shape of materials usually used in clothing. Usual materials are for example cotton, linen, wool, leather, Kevlar, nylon, latex, rubber and neoprene, but not metal, ceramic or hard plastics. While these unchangeable materials can be dragged with material they are attatched to, they can't be changed themselves. When using this power, she can change its cut, shape and pattern while mass, color and type of the fabric are unchanged. While matter can't be generated in this way, it can be shifted around to achiece changes in cut and pattern. At best a full kilogram (ca 2 lbs) can be undergo molding at the same time and it has to be within 20 meters (65.6 ft) of Fashion. Low complexity changes like fixing seams or tightening/loosening a piece are almost instant, while high complex changes like making a piece from raw cloth can take hours.
  • Levitator of Cloth: Due to her mutation, Fashion can keep clothing materials of up to 20 kg (44 lbs) afloat within a 20 meters (65.6 ft) radius of her. The force and speed with which she can move these is about her physical limits.


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