Trent Ford
Trent Ford as Joshua "Jay" Zachariah Guthrie
Name: Joshua "Jay" Zachariah Guthrie
Birthdate: 03/09/1945
Faction: Xavier's Institute, The Contingency Plan
Codename: Icarus
Position: Musician, Music Teacher at the Mutant Town Community Center
Hometown: Cumberland County, Kentucky
Partner(s): None Height: 5'11"
Father: Thomas Guthrie (deceased) Weight: Dense
Mother: Lucinda Guthrie Hair Color: Red
Siblings: Belligerent and Numerous (10 siblings total)
Samuel Guthrie
Paige Guthrie
Jebediah Guthrie
Eye Color: Green
Children: None

IC Events

Joshua 'Jay' Guthrie was born in Cumberland, Kentucky to a growing mining and farming family. Third eldest, second son, Jay was a quiet but affable child, and by the time their family was done growing, there were 7 younger brothers and sisters to help entertain and watch after. Their father worked from dawn til way past dusk every day in the mines, but with their numbers constantly growing, the family barely scraped by. Though times were tough, their family grew close, happy and healthy, learning how to cooperate and make things work on the day to day. Everyone did a little bit of everything just to keep the ball rolling in the household, giving Jay a strong sense of community and appreciation for his kin and community. While Jay was helpful, it quickly became obvious that he was a bit of a summer child; he smiled easily, laughed quietly and frequently, had a case of wanderlust, and loved music. For all of these reasons and more, he and his musician friends started jam sessions and eventually a band which gained enough renown to be invited to small county events.

It wasn't all sweet-tea and honeysuckle, though. When Jay was 13, his father was diagnosed with black lung from his years of work in the mines. He succumbed to the disease after a very brief but violent struggle. This change in his family dynamic drove his elder brother, Sam, into the role of 'the man of the house' and forced him to drop out of school to support the family. Jay favored escapism during this time, focusing on his music and telling himself that if they made it big enough, he would be able to help support his family, have his cake and eat it too. Even when his brother Sam was trapped in a cave-in and his mutation manifested, turning most of the town against them, Jay continued to play and tour as best he could when he wasn't picking up odd jobs to help the family.

17 was an important age for Jay. One day he woke up and he had protrusions growing out of his back. Painful months passed and the weird little lumps grew pin-like protrusions which flaked off and turned into feathers. Wings. He was growing wings. Terrified of the backlash that he'd meet since the people of their town had decided that mutants weren't a welcome breed (his family having some markedly interesting and terrifying powers), he hid them as best he could. Like all good secrets, this didn't stay one for long. During one of his band's performances, Jay became caught up in the music and his wings erupted from beneath his shirt, spreading in full display. It was one hell of a performance gimmick. The boy with the angel's voice and the wings that matched. His bandmates suggested that they use the wings as just that, a gimmick for performances, and he continued to hide them in public.

That was also the year that he met the love of his young life, Ms. Julia Cabot. Like a bad southern rendition of Romeo and Juliet, Jay and Julia had met when they were younger and lived a blissful summer together before Julia was sent away to boarding school. Back now after school, Julia and 'Josh' found each other again flirted and chatted all night in blissful ignorance before her brothers tore them apart with the rude realization that they belonged to separate feuding families for a transgression neither side remembered. Julia withdrew, but Jay pursued her with every ounce of stupid puppy love in his musician's heart, eventually winning Julia's heart and her trust. They told no one and continued their assignations for as long as possible. However, like all good secrets… Julia's father found them down by the river during one of their trysts and murdered Jay in cold blood. Grief-stricken, Julia waited for her father to leave (on his way to the Guthrie home and finish the job), and dragged Jay's body to the river. She used her dead lover to weigh her down, drowning herself.

Jay's secondary mutation manifested at that moment, healing his injuries and bringing him back to consciousness with his dead girlfriend beneath him. Naturally he brought her to shore but for all his attempts, Jay could not bring her back. In his grief, he took the next best option and stabbed himself in the chest with a sharpened piece of wood. Only to have it heal. Again. And again. And again. That's how he was found; trying to kill himself, clutching Julia's body.

It was Sam who convinced him that he needed to leave home. The town knew now about his mutation, and though his was prettier than some, the good faithful people of Cumberland were split on whether he was an angel or a demon, making for some uncomfortable tension. Between that and Jay's apparent … emotional issues, it wasn't a good idea to keep him at home with young children.

He took a new name, Jay, and took to New York with Sam.


  • Flight: Jay possesses functional feathered wings on his back, granting him the power of flight. He is able to easily reach the height of 10,000 ft and hold at that height in flight for 12 hours before fatigue sets in. Straining, he may be able to reach the highest recorded flight of a normal bird, but cannot hold it for more than a few minutes. His top speed is clocked at the superhuman speed of around 700 MPH.
  • Vocal Manipulation: Jay's vocal cords have mutated to allow him to hit multiple notes at once, mimic just about any sound, and create multiple sounds or voices at once. There are further theories on what his vocal range could achieve, but he hasn't explored them besides expanding his musical aptitude.
  • Aerial Adaptation: Along with his wings, Jay's body has mutated to withstand the rigors of flight. His bones are hollow to lighten his frame; muscles are more dense to keep his body together and his skin is able to handle increased air friction; eyes are able to withstand high-speed winds; his respiratory system is fitted with a membrane to allow him to still breathe in high altitudes and velocities; his metabolism is rigged to build as much muscle mass as possible on his frame. It sounds impressive, but it's really just the physics of flight and makes him a bit more durable to falling, wind speeds and helps him breathe. It's an okay side perk.
  • Regenerative Healing: Jay's secondary mutation has recently manifested, allowing him to regenerate with some of the best of them. He is able to heal at a superhuman rate hundreds of times faster than normal, allowing him to completely heal from immediately fatal wounds and conditions like drowning. Additionally, his body rejected ink from a tattoo, suggesting he is able to heal old scar tissue. The source of his healing power is currently unknown, and limited only to himself.
  • Peak Human Strength: Another side perk from his main mutation of birdlike muscular structure. He is stronger than he looks, and with some training, can reach peak human strength of around a 500lb dead lift.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Between his birdlike mutation and his healing ability, the toxins in Jay's muscles are minimized to allow him to continue operating at peak conditions for longer than normal before he becomes fatigued. Such as the possibility of 12 hour flights.
  • Superhuman Durability: Jay's body is resistant to blunt force trauma thanks his aerial adaptation that allows him to survive the friction and stress of flight. He'll still go down in a fight, but it'll take a couple extra hits.




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