Dylan O'Brien
Dylan O'Brien as Jebediah Guthrie
Name: Jebediah Guthrie
Birthdate: 10/29/1946
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Jeb
Position: Position/Job Title/Rank
Hometown: Cumberland County, Kentucky
Partner(s): N/A Height: 5'7"
Father: Thomas Guthrie Weight: Slender little bean sprout
Mother: Lucinda Guthrie Hair Color: brunet
Siblings: A lot
Samuel Guthrie
Joshua Guthrie
Eye Color: brown
Children: NA


Jeb was born fifth of ten Guthrie children in Kentucky, his father was a miner and they had their own farm, but they were never rich by any means. There was always a roof over Jeb's head and food in his belly and that's all that truly mattered. He was often bullied, even more so when his oldest brother's powers manifested. Growing up in a town where mutants weren't looked upon kindly, especially by the family that seemed to be eternally locked in a feud with their own, this gave the kids in school even more reason to kick Jebediah around. With the death of his father due to black lung, his oldest brother had to be the new bread winner, dropping out of school to work, leaving Jeb to fight his own battles.

When Jeb's powers manifested though, he saw this as a means to an end of this feud. He practiced controlling the plasma, the intensity of the electroshock and also the distance. He never intended to kill anyone or even hurt 'em too bad, just a little, enough to send a message. When he thought he'd honed his skills enough, he goaded Abraham Cabot; one of the children in the self pronounced Guthrie-hating family and Jeb's primary bully, into starting a fight with him so that when he punched Jeb, Jeb had more than enough reason to react in this 'self defense' and shock the bully. Everything swiftly got out of hand when one of Abe's friends brought a crowbar to a fist fight and Jeb may or may not have exploded part of a building in the crossfire. Due to this, the sheriff puts a bullet in Jeb's shoulder to make him calm down and while they discuss the situation back on the Guthrie farm, Ray Jr, Jeb's best friend, accidentally lets slip that the whole fight was planned ahead of time. The Sheriff decides that the best course of action is to ban the entire Guthrie clan from ever going into town. Meanwhile, the Cabots had decided to take matters into their own hands and go about getting rid of the 'mutie scum' themselves, starting with one of Jeb's older brothers, Jay.

Jay survives the attack physically and Sam takes Jay to New York, leaving Jeb to be the man of the house. It's not a role that fits the troublemaker much though. Now that he's a 'man', he'd like to join his brothers in New York, find out what's there for mutants, what he could learn. His older sister can help with his mama and well, one less mouth to feed might be helpful for her, one less worry as well. Maybe without Jebediah around, the family might be allowed back into town… maybe.

IC Events


  • Plasma Manipulation: Jebediah can generate plasma from within his own body but only in an electrical form. He can only channel this plasma via his eyes, limiting his range to directly in his line of sight and no further than fifty feet away from him. This also limits his attack sustainability to as long as he can keep from closing both of his eyes. He can only strike a single target at a time. His power requires a lot of concentration to maintain the intensity of the electrocution he's putting out. Electrical shocks may give first degree burns to normal human flesh at the contact point. It can vary in intensity from a static shock to the ability incapacitate a grown man for up to ten minutes.



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