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Jocelyn is the youngest of several children, all brothers. Her mother's failing health meant that Jos was raised by her father and brothers, so she grew up climbing trees and playing in mud and generally "being a man."

She learned to sew because the hand-me-down boys clothes from her older siblings just wouldn't sit right on her, and new clothes were unheard of in such a big family.

Jos escaped all the macho-whathaveyou by climbing into the highest boughs of trees with a notebook and pen to sit in the crook of some branches and write stories. She's published a handful of stories and articles (all with very little pay and negligible fame). Her writing ability earned Jocelyn a full first year scholarship for creative writing at City College.

Jocelyn's just arrived in the big city, a small suitcase containing some clothes and a few notebooks and pens. She's naive and young and innocent and foolish, but ready for the adventure that is adulting!

IC Events


  • Astral Projection: Jocelyn leaves her body and travels the world on a nightly basis… She only accesses this power while she sleeps, and thus believes all of her experiences in this state are simply vidid dreams. She is only detected in this by those with strong telepathic powers. She has been unknowlingly using this power for several years now. Her range is quite great, and she can project to nearly any place on Earth. She has absolutely no conscious control over this power, and is unable to tap it while awake. Additionally, she doesn't really control where she goes, and could end up just about anywhere observing just about anything.
  • Telekenisis: Jocelyn has the ability to move objects with her mind, but is unaware of this power. She is able to maipulate objects, open doors, turn on light switches, etc. while she astral projects, so her telekinesis range matches her astral projection range. She does not have conscious control over this power, so is completely unable to use it while she is awake.
  • NOTE: Once these powers are discovered by Jos, the sleeping use will remain strong, but use while awake will be extremely weak.


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