Human Torch
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Name: Johnny Storm
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Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Human Torch
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  • Plasma Body: Johnny can transform all or part of his body into fiery plasma without doing damage to himself, and with complete mental control over the superheated matter. Normally, this plasma radiates out a couple inches from his body and is red in color, burning at about 780 F degrees. He can sustain this low level of ability for up to 17 hours at a time. If he focuses, he can increase the potency of this flame up to the temperature of the sun, nearly 6K degrees— but doing so would exhaust his energy in a matter of minutes. In his plasma form he is no longer solid, and any projectiles that aren't simply melted pass through him without harm. He can also discharge concussive blasts of heat that can knock things back or down without actually burning them.
  • Pyrokinesis: He can create fire. It can be something as simple as a fireball or a stream of fire, or it might be something exotic like writing in the air or functional shapes like a lasso or other weapon. For these fire shapes to hold their form requires concentration, but if left alone will last about three minutes before burning out. He can maintain them nearly indefinately provided he keeps his mind on them, though. This fire usually burns at about iron's melting point, but it can be intensified— but the hotter he makes it the less he's able to do before he runs out of juice.
  • Nova: Johnny can release all of his stored energy in a massive, directional blast — this is him going 'nova', and the blast reaches nearly a million degrees. The blast can be focused or destroy as much as an area of 900 feet across. Very few things can survive that level of heat, but going nova leaves him completely without any powers at all for at least a day.
  • Flight: While in plasma form, Johnny can fly. He can float with almost no energy, and can project fire out down from him to allow him the ability to fly up to 140mph for as long as he can maintain his plasma body. By focusing more of his energy he's able to go supersonic, but he will rapidly expend all his stored energy if he does so.
  • Thermokinesis: He can mentally control the temperature of his surroundings, even when not in his Plasma Body, with a range of reducing temperatures of the room or specific objects down to 30F and up to several hundred degrees. He can control fire even if he didn't create it by pulling away the heat energy. When he takes heat energy, he actually absorbs it: and if he absorbs enough he will enter Plasma Body and be stuck in it until the energy is dispelled.
  • Superhuman Durability: Why is a mystery even to him, but the Human Torch is incredibly durable. He can withstand multiple punches from some of even the strongest guys and gals around. He's less resilient when it comes to sharp force damage and bullets (assuming he's not in Plasma Body at the time), but even against those his body is roughly four times more durable then it should be.
  • Immunity: Heat and Fire. Even when not in his Plasma Body, he's immune to both unless the source is hotter then his nova blasts.



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