Gerard Way (body)/Mark Hammill (voice)
Gerard Way (body)/Mark Hammill (voice) as The Joker
Name: The Joker
Birthdate: 04/01/1931
Faction: {$team}
Codename: Joker
Position: Murderous Funnyface
Hometown: Giggleville, USA
Partner(s): Harley Quinn Height: 6'
Father: DEAD Weight: *blush*
Mother: DOUBLE DEAD Hair Color: Natural green
Siblings: Chico, Harpo, Gummo, Stan Eye Color: Bloodshot
Children: *tugs collar*


No one really knows who he is. Not even him, some say. There are rumors. That he was a robber, a low level scumbag who fell into the wrong pool of chemicals. That he was a comedian, a down-on-his-luck schlub, who went mad and killed his whole family when they wouldn't laugh at his jokes. That he was some sort of feral child raised by clowns in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Okay, Joker may have spread that last one himself.

Whatever his origin, he's emerged in the last few years in New York City. He's quickly begun to build a legend. A creature of pure madness, vicious and brilliant. Sometimes he's a criminal, robbing and building wealth. Sometimes he's a terrorist, disrupting the status quo, mocking the rich and powerful. Sometimes he's a serial killer, bathing himself head to toe in the blood of the innocent and laughing all the way. Of course, in truth, he's all of these things, always. They're all inside him, each one with his own special smile.

Sometimes he gets locked up, but never for long. He's looking for a special someone to dance with, a hero with the guts and the grit to give him a proper run for his money. Maybe something in black. It's so slimming, after all.

IC Events


  • Immunity: Due to either extensive self-experimentation or chemical accident, the Joker is immune to virtually all forms of poison or toxin - or, at the very least, they don't seem to have ill effects. He can (and has) drink a bottle of arsenic with no ill effects. This includes ingestion, inject, tactile and inhalation. Narcotics and other psychotropic materials may have an effect on his consciousness and experience of the world, but his madness seems to welcome such side effects and they rarely have any hope of inhibiting or incapacitating him in a meaningful way.
  • Gift of Madness: Joker possesses a degree of insanity that deeply unhinges his connection to reality. As a result, psychic contact or invasion of his mind can be extremely dangerous - his madness has a tendency to be infectious, haunting and perilous even for seasoned telepaths. That said, he has no psychic walls at all: he welcomes all comers. In addition, his degree of madness gives him a certain resistance to physical pain or psychological trauma, allowing him to continue to function in dire circumstances. You could literally beat him to death and he would simply laugh through the experience.



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