Mason Dye
Mason Dye as Joshua Foley
Name: Joshua Foley
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: X-Men/Brotherhood
Codename: Elixir
Position: Healer
Hometown: Hometown
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'11
Father: NA Weight: {$weight}
Mother: NA Hair Color: {$haircolor}
Siblings: NA Eye Color: {$eyecolor}
Children: NA


Josh was born to a normal, stable middle-class life. He was a very bright kid, a happy kid, and a kid who excelled at everything he did. School, sports, popularity. Everything. He was the golden boy. (… literally? Not yet!)

He knew he wanted to be a Doctor, and he knew he'd be good at it: somehow he just knew when people were sick, how they were sick, what they needed. This started around puberty, and was the first of his biokinetic abilities to manifest. It would be years before he would learn to actually manifest his powers directly— more on that later.

He was pre-med at NYU, and then earned his M.D. at the NYU School of Medicine, which he took serious loans out to be able to afford to attend. He was a prodigy. And when he got accepted into a residency program, he excelled. He eventually took on the specialty of general surgery.

And then one day, a patient was coding, and as he performed CPR… Something *happened*. This energy in his hands tingled and passed into the patient, and his heart started up again.

That's good, right? The bad part is Josh immediately turned gold. Like, gold gold. This did not go over well with anyone. He was fired. He lost his friends. His family disowned him. He lost everything because he was a freak.

Recently, he came across Mystique and was recruited to the Brotherhood: finally, a family of sorts that wouldn't reject him.

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  • Elixir is an omega- level mutant, though he has yet to even approach his full potential.
  • Biokinesis: Josh has nearly absolute control over his body and the biological structure of anyone he touches. He can use this control in a number of ways, from healing to activating or deactivating mutant abilities and altering body chemistry. Specifically:
  • Healing: He can heal anything, including broken bones, burns, and even ailments and diseases such as cancer or viral infections. He can even heal what would be a mortal wound. This healing is accomplished in a matter of moments, unless its an extremely severe wound such as a missing limb which would take minutes.
  • Resurrection: Elixir can even heal death, as long as there's some remains that he can work with. This generally works within a couple days unless the body has been preserved.
  • Immortality: Josh can die, but his power is such that he will always resurrect as long as he hasn't been completely incinerated or vaporized. He doesn't age unless he wants to.
  • Body Scan: With a touch, he can detect any anomalies in someone's body— including current health, to things like cancer, viruses or foreign matter.
  • Death Touch: His control over bodies doesn't have to be for the good: he can also cause harm. This currently takes a touch to do, but with such a touch he is capable of causing disease, breaking bones, withering flesh, even creating tumors. If he holds on for a few seconds, he can cause complete organ failure and death.
  • Black and Gold: Currently (until his first resurrection), his skin has a normal complexion. However, when he uses his powers for positive effects (except the scanning ability), his skin turns gold. When he uses his power for negative effects, his skin turns metallic black. While black, he can still use his powers to positive effect, but they are about half as effective. The gold will remain for a day, while the black must through meditation and struggle be forced into gold (which then fades as normal)— this is difficult and takes at least a day.


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