Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas as Jean-Pierre Bonaventure
Name: Jean-Pierre Bonaventure
Birthdate: 02/29/1940
Faction: X-Ternals
Codename: Gearhead
Position: Car Thief/Safe cracker/Repair Guy
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Partner(s): (His car should count) Height: 5'11"
Father: Cassius Bonaventure Weight: 148#
Mother: Liza Bonaventure Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Numerous (inc. Severin, Collette, & possible PCs) Eye Color: Brown
Children: Amelie Margurete (6 yo.)


Jean-Pierre Marius Bonaventure, like his siblings, was born under a bad sign. Too many siblings and too little space. He grew up fighting to defend his family name causing him to land in more than one bad situation with authorities. This kept him no stranger to juvenile authorities. It was when he and his older brother were in a detention facility when he discovered he could make the locks open up and let him out and they ran. He didn't make it too far, but he'd learned what he needed to know; he was like his gifted siblings. On one of his jobs involved him breaking into a house and breaking into a rather elaborate safe which contained something that scared religion back into him. He tried to bail on the job but was tracked down and got in a fight he wasn't winning. His sister intervened with her mutant power manifesting and leaving the playing field much worse for wear. People got hurt and JP saw what he was not supposed to. To protect his sister and himself he stole a car and left Louisiana for a while. They traveled while people tried to find them. Eventually they found New York seeking out his little brother for help.


  • Mechanical Attunement: With a brush of his hand JP can bond with anything mechanical making it an extension of himself (a door lock, safe, cash register, car, plane, etc.) HP can only bond to one machine at a time, but he can utilize it to its full potential without training. If the machine is broken he can use it as if it were perfectly functional, but this does not 'repair' the machine so while a broken toaster may work for JP, it will return to being unusable were he to break his bond from it. He must be conscious to operate a machine, but sleeping does not break his bond though he can leave the machine -locked- for other use if he wishes. While he does not need to remain in contact with the machine he does need to remain within a couple blocks for best accuracy. (landing a helicopter he's bonded to, pull up a car, throw the locking mechanism on a trap, etc.)



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