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Kaecilius the Zealot, formerly Kaecilius the Master, was born Kaecilius Nielsen in the late 19th century. He inherited some property, married a neighbour's daughter, Adria, and started a happy family in Copenhagen. His 8-year-old son contracted a virulent disease and died despite their best efforts. Adria fell into deep depression and drowned herself in the Nynhavn Canal, suffering the same disease. Kaecilius was a broken man and wandered far in search of answers, until finding Baron Karl Mordo. Through Mordo, he found a prospect to heal.

He spent nearly five decades (as humans reckon) at Kamar-Taj, but the true time was much longer. The Ancient One guided Kaecilius to find an answer and meaning in his loss. Ambitious and cynical, he tried to overcome despair by mastery of the Mystic Arts. Through them he sought more than peace. The hope of restoring his dead family drove him in every breath, and the Ancient One knew it.

Still, he excelled as a student and then a mentor to younger teachers. He accepted hazardous missions to reclaim grimoires, magical items, and tomes as a chance to further his skill. Other Masters didn't miss his risk taking and his preference to do things his way.

Kaecilius harboured suspicions about the Ancient One, and his growing desperation to find a cure to restore Adria led him eventually to learn about the Book of Cagliostro. That it remained in Kamar-Taj under the Ancient One's care was unthinkable, and he made several attempts to read it. The librarian barred him every time. Discovering that it contained rituals to contact Dormammu and allow immortality, banish death, or restore life was too much. His mind broke.

Kaecilius' charisma brought many allies and he called upon them, founding a cult in the shadows of Kamar-Taj among other mystics and mages upset by the Ancient One's apparent heresy keeping these blessings from them. He led them into the library, murdered the librarian, and liberated rituals to establish the Zealots as the foremost human servants of Dormammu who would open the way to Earth for the one.

Let the world shake. He is now a committed servant, the high priest to the One, and he will banish death once and for all from earth.

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  • MYSTIC ARTS: Kaecilius trained for over 40 years with the Ancient One in Kamar-Taj. He ranked among the most powerful Masters of the Mystic Arts before his defection, and he particularly excels in channeling extradimensional power from the Dark Dimension of Dormammu. Dormammu's immense power fuels the majority of his spells and shields. Effects that thwart Dormammu similarly weaken Kaecilius, leaving him with only the ambient magics and powers of his location for a resource — he is still powerful, simply not on the same scale. His dark arts typically require sacrificial fuel or complex rituals to involve, and are not suitable for casting on the fly or improvising in a battle situation.
  • Kaecilius' powers allow him to warp reality to limited degrees, such as teleportation, conjuration of objects and substances, forming force weapons, and manipulating the physical elements.
  • SHIELDS: Kaecilius has a strong affinity for forming shields made of pure force. These can deflect most physical and magical attacks. They do not protect against psionic spells or powers. Ephemeral beings, like ghosts or astral forms, cannot pass through his shields. Sustaining them is easy but he cannot perform other spells without diminishing the effect of his shields.
  • DARK ARTS: A special subcategory of magic, Kaecilius knows powerful rituals to directly draw upon the Dark Dimension's energies. He and his cult need special preparations to make themselves vessels suitable for the corruptive power. Once used, the ritual allows him to store a pool of dark energy that he can manipulate space and time. These distortions can include temporary pocket dimensions created by folding the space-time continuum, warping time, and toying with the laws of physics. These effects take a toll on all living creatures exposed to them, including Kaecilius. Effects include disorientation, physical collapse, insanity, and even death. Dormammu requires extensive sacrifice and preparation for these rituals, including blood sacrifice or whatever suits the Dark Lord's whims of the moment. The effects can cause permanent damage to the world and the dimension in which these arts are practiced.
  • DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL: Kaecilius can use a particular artifact, a ring of his own devising, to travel between dimensions. He can also use it to project his spirit out of his body for up to a full day with no ill effect. Travel to distant dimensions or remaining outside his body longer requires rituals to "power" the ring for such a purpose.


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