Toby Regbo
Toby Regbo as Gerhard Alfsson
Name: Gerhard Alfsson
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Defenders
Codename: Hjuki
Position: Artist, Activist
Hometown: London, England
Partner(s): None Height: 5'9"
Father: Eyvindr Weight: 360 lbs.
Mother: Solva Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Unknown Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


The son of Alfheimian thieves, Kai is a moon elf born given the name Hjuki by is parents and the alias Gerhard Alfsson. He was raised on Earth. About a century ago, his parents were arrested and are now rotting in an Asgardian prison. Kai has since spent time in Alfheim, where his grandparents have tried to instill in him the values of art, beauty and elegance that once defined his bloodline, but he's more comfortable in Midgard.

Lately, Kai has tried keeping a low profile since he's stigmatized as the son of thieves and his parents could be used as blackmail material against. Still, he's compelled to us his powers to help out when people are in trouble. To separate his Midgardian identity from his heroing, he goes by the codename Hjuki, a name known only to him and his parents.

Kai has mixed feelings about his parents. On one hand, they're his parents and he loves them. On the other hand, it's because of them that his entire life has been, up to this point, a lie. He hates the stigma they've given his name, but he knows they have good in them. He swings between adoration and anger.

Kai recently uncovered the artifact his parents stole: the Apple of Idun. It's an apple-shaped crystal that, when placed upon one's chest, it will heal most wounds within moments. He's afraid to hand it over because he's worried what the Asgardians will do to him. On the other hand, giving it back is the right thing to do. In the meantime, while he ponders his options, he uses the artifact to help the helpless.

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  • Alfheimian heritage: though not as strong as an Asgardian, Kai shares superhuman strength, durability, density, and a somewhat improved healing factor.
  • Water manipulation: as the tide to the moons, water bends to Kai's will. He can shape and redirect about a hot tub's worth of water.
  • Moonglow: Kai can summon moonlight, lighting up darkness with his strange silverblue aura. It behaves like the light of a full moon.
  • Illusions: Kai can create minor illusions, just tricks of the light.
  • Allspeak: Kai, like the Asgardians, has the power of Allspeak. He might speak his native tongue, but the denizens of the Nine Realms understand him as if he speaks their native tongue, and he can understand any of their natural languages.
  • Hello Darkness, My Old Friend: Kai can create complete darkness in a radius of up to twenty feet with him at the center. This is a magical darkness that overwhelms mundane sources of light and can only be countered by magic.
  • Put Out the Lights: Kai can extinguish mundane sources of light in a fifty-foot radius. Fire goes out, electric bulbs pop and fry. This doesn't affect sun or moonlight.
  • I Can See Clearly Now: Kai can see in even complete darkness as though it were twilight. Even magical darkness has a hard time blinding him.



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