Spencer MacPherson
Spencer MacPherson as Kaleb Marshall Miller
Name: Kaleb Marshall Miller
Birthdate: 06/15/1946
Faction: Contingency Plan/X-Men
Codename: Echo
Position: Architect/Student/Heir to Intl. Corporate Empire
Hometown: New York, NY
Partner(s): Yes. Position has been filled. Height: 5'10"
Father: Martin Miller - Head of Capstone Intl. Weight: 130#
Mother: (Alive) Hair Color: Dk. Brown
Siblings: Kellan (Reflection) Eye Color: Blue
Children: N/A


Kaleb and Kellan were both as identical twins into the lap of luxury. A prestigious family, affluent wealth, and renown respect from the upper echelons of society. They had everything except the attention of their parents. Instead of time and affection they got trips and presents. Kaleb started to learn some unhealthy habits early on that if you want something negative attention was a hassle but eventually people would give in and give him what he wanted.He couldn't understand why no matter how loud he spoke they never seemed to be heard. Later on he learned demanding what you want was how he could get results without the pretense. Whether he liked it or not he was following in his father's footsteps at an early age.

After graduation Kaleb was sent by his parents to take time for himself and went partying around Great Britain and Paris getting sucked into the music scene and reconnecting with music for a while. Really they had things they wanted to do and make certain their galas went off without incident. So in the end they threw money and things at him once again and while he enjoyed his time going from concert to concert things with his mutation kept evolving on him getting him no closer to helping him figure out what he wanted for himself. After a run-in in Paris he returned to NYC seeking his brother out and finding a renewed purpose: advance the pro-Mutant agenda.

IC Events

  • So far managed to avoid mistaken assassination from Maximus' enemies while in Attilan in local attire. This is a plus. Echo remains interested in maintaining this status. <REDACTED>
  • Leaves with Maximus back to Attilan to aid as Kree hack their computer systems.
  • Meets with Kellan and starts taking their funds from Capstone International to start groundwork on a non-profit organization to aid in Mutant aid & outreach starting with Mutant Town.
  • Hires Kwabena as his new guard/driver.
  • Attends the interrogation of Live in the Danger Room to keep his senses scrambled. Nearly dies when Live makes Kwabena start to nova.
  • Attendance at Xavier's Institute lead to trips around the globe to rescue other endangered Mutants.
  • Echo is taken to Attilan by Maximus with Kellan to heal in Black Bolt's old room and the buried Old City of Attilan.
  • Maximus is able to assist the Contingency Plan in finding Kaleb. Earns Maximus a favour from Kaleb.
  • Held captive for almost a week by someone named 'Pendergast' who has made it very clear that his employer can and will blackmail Kaleb into aiding them in a future endeavor. This may or may not pit him against his own father which may or may not be a good thing. It becomes apparent that his family is not who he thought they were.
  • Dropped off Kellan's 'radar' when he took Lorna to dinner. They were drugged and taken. Seriously, they can't get through one meal without incident.
  • Proved by demonstrating scientific theory that being a jerk doesn't make you wrong.
  • Decided Kellan was right; they need a way to protect their identity and took up the name Echo.
  • Unsuccessfully saved an ice cream shop from a Werewolf attack. Encouraged Polaris not to kill it.
  • Learned to not touch things laying around the ruins of Attilan. Decided spontaneous disintegration is bad.
  • Gave Jay his opinion: He wants to move in with the Miller twins for self-preservation purposes. Kaleb said so, so it must be true.
  • Learned about some school for mutants. Debating still applying for Yale or not. Better people vs. not being outed as a mutant? Decisions decisions.
  • Faced off with some extra-dimensional force and its army of sleepers trying to get a crowd to kill all the mutants. Echo took understandable exception to this and woke everyone up in the surrounding city block.


  • Sound Manipulation: Sound Manipulation: Kaleb can manipulate sound waves. Difficulty is based on how loud/numerous the sound wave is/are, the scale of difference, and the availability of hard surfaces (glass, concrete, water, etc) he has to rebound and relay the sound off of. Sound in this way can be manipulated to distract and confuse but not to harm. The range for this power is line of sight, and includes the ability to create zones of silence or barriers through which sound may not pass. He can amplify or alter existing sound, changing its pitch and timbre at will. He can also make sound by will alone, but is limited to two sound sources but his control over these two sources can be independant, such as faking a two party conversation.
  • Subsonic Suggestion: By pitching his voice to the perfect tune of a human mind, he can implant suggestions into peoples thoughts. Provided the suggestion does not go wildly against their moral code or normal behavior, people will tend to obey. This can only work against one person at a time and only relatively simple commands that can be done immediately work. After the suggestion is complete, most people will justify it as normal.
  • Sonic Crush: A cone attack that emits a high-pitched sonic vibrations up to a distance of approximately 40' that cause ruptures in a target's blood vessels, and are powerful enough at close range (up to 10') to cause a person to bleed to death if sustained. This will also cause glass or crystalline objects to rupture. Unsustained attacks leave targets stunned and temporarily deafened.
  • Sound Sensitivity: Kaleb's attunement to sound waves is well above that of a baseline human. He interacts with sound waves as a form of ephemeral medium (similar to how an elemental may perceive weather patterns), and as such he is constantly aware. This allows him to hear whispers in the same room, and even frequencies one would not generally hear in, up to a range of about 10x what is normal. These long ranges may be much more difficult to detect based on how much 'noise' is in the area to dig through to pick it out. (Subject to consent and GM discretion)
  • Echolocation: If he is concentrating he can an ability to read altered wavefronts to get a 'read' on his surroundings even in the dark. He does this through sensing how sound waves are moving and what they are bouncing off of to build his impressions. Resolution varies where shorter waves (within 50 yards) will yield greater detail than beyond which may only return more generalized information such as distance, direction, or size of something (at storyteller/plot discretion). This ability is likewise able to be distorted though clouding the 'signal' with static, sound dampeners, or white noise generators causing the returned wavefront to have interference.



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